Dog And Dolphin Have Been Best Friends For A Lifetime

Dogs are often curious about unfamiliar animals. They will usually get close enough to sniff another creature, but not much beyond that. When a photo of a dog and dolphin kissing became popular on Twitter, many users assumed it was just another one-time interaction. However, a friend of the dog and dolphin explained that the two have been friends for their entire lives! This news only made the world love the photos even more. Gunner is a 7-year-old dog while … Read more

Does Your Dog Sit Like “A Weirdo” Like These Pups?

Fine, we have to concede that in the most technical sense, dogs are not human. But in many ways… aren’t they kind of people? They understand parts of our language, they imitate our actions, and they always want whatever people are eating. Some dogs, despite having four legs, even sit like human beings. That last concept became the center of a Twitter thread recently. Why is it that when a dog sits with their back legs in front or with … Read more

New Dog Breed Sparks Debate: Does The World Need A Walrus Dog?

Many dog lovers think they know almost every dog breed in existence. However, there are quite a lot of them, so it’s no surprise that one new dog breed has gone unnoticed: the Walrus Dog! After the surprising reveal of the Walrus Dog, many dog lovers were left wondering if we even need more dog breeds in this world. But once you get to know this special breed, you’ll definitely fall in love with them. They have the charm and … Read more

Rescue Dog Falls In Love With Over 60 Foster Kittens

Raylan the rescue dog loves kittens. His mom, Laura Tindal, has fostered over 60 different kittens over the years, and Raylan bonds with every single one. Many of the kittens love the sweet dog in return, and they even follow him around like he’s their mom. Raylan will groom them, snuggle them, and even carry them places. Tindal never expected her sensitive dog to be such a cat lover, but he takes care of the kittens even better than she can. … Read more

Milkshake, The Rare Pink Pug, Takes Over Instagram And Our Hearts!

Milkshake is a special pup, not only because he’s adorable, but also because he has an unusual pink tint to him. He has a translucent coat that perfectly shows off his pink skin, nose, and toes. He even has the most beautiful blue eyes. Because of how unique he looks, Instagram users from all over the world have fallen in love with him. Milkshake’s appearance is due to albinism in his lineage. Albino Pugs are so rare that Milkshake is … Read more

Internet Goes Crazy Over Beautiful Labrador That Amazingly Changes Colors

Blaze, the black Labrador Retriever, has been with his dad, Santeri Frilander, since he was a puppy. He was born with a beautiful black coat just like any other black Lab. However, as Blaze got older, Frilander began noticing something unusual. His sweet dog slowly began to change colors over the course of a year! It was an incredibly unusual situation, but in the end, it made Blaze even more lovable and adorable. Blaze doesn’t know he’s different than other … Read more

Cats & Dogs Are Perfect Angels…Until They Aren’t

Our furry family members are perfect angels. Nothing but adorable bundles of cuteness, incapable of doing any wrongs that might upset their parents. Okay…you’re probably laughing. I get it. As a dog and cat mom, I totally understand. For all the snuggles and preciousness, our cattos and doggos can be rulebreakers of epic proportions. The levels of destruction our furry loves can achieve truly knows no know bounds. Dog snoots and kitty paws can destroy things in ways we never … Read more

15 Photos Prove: Dogs & Cats Are Perfect Angels…Until They Aren’t

Our furry family members are perfect angels. Nothing but adorable bundles of cuteness, incapable of doing any wrongs that might upset their parents. Okay… you’re probably laughing. I get it. As a dog and cat mom, I totally understand. For all the snuggles and preciousness, our cattos and doggos can be rulebreakers of epic proportions. The levels of destruction our furry loves can achieve truly knows no know bounds. Dog snoots and kitty paws can destroy things in ways we … Read more

Fearful Rescue Dog Finds Comfort In Flowers

At only 4 months old, Tofu the rescue dog ended up at a Romanian kill shelter. Rosanne Van Zanten spotted a picture of the sweet puppy online and knew she had to save her. Tofu had to go on a 3-day road trip to get from Romania to her new home in the Netherlands, but the long journey was all worth it in the end.  When Tofu arrived at her new home, everything was very scary to her. She had … Read more

16 Of The Cutest Dog Posts During The Quarantine

It’s easy to get bored sitting at home all day. After all, this COVID-19 quarantine just seems to be going on forever, and many people are running out of ways to occupy their time. Luckily, dogs are always able to make a lazy day more exciting. Even if you don’t have a dog of your own, there are plenty of adorable pups on social media! These past few weeks have been a great time for adorable dog posts online. Here … Read more

Teacher Creates Beautiful Dog Chalk Art During Quarantine

While staying at home for the COVID-19 pandemic might be difficult for some, others have decided to make the most out of the situation. It gives many humans the time they need to enjoy their hobbies and pick up new skills. Jean Jones, an art teacher in Utah, decided to work on a new art medium during her quarantine. During her free time, Jones used chalk to create a masterpiece that any dog lover is sure to love. As soon … Read more

Dog And Owl Friendship Brings Smiles To The Self-Quarantined Masses

We are all living, working, schooling, and playing at home. The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to hunker down and take care of all of life’s essential business within the confines of our house. With so much uncertainty, worry, and frustration swirling around it is imperative that we inject a bit of levity in our lives. Now more than ever, we are coming to understand the power of a simple smile. Wildlife photographer Tanja Brandt has a large family of … Read more

18 Memes That All Dog Parents Will Laugh At

Even during the most difficult times, dogs are always there for us. They are always around to make our day and bring a smile to our face. They also do plenty of silly, unexplainable things that make us love them even more. Dog memes are a great way to relieve stress in life. Many dog parents can closely relate to the creative memes of dogs doing silly things. These images might not be funny to the rest of the world, … Read more

This Mardi Gras Parade Is Just For Dogs!

Mardi Gras is a time for celebration, but why would you want to have an extravagant event without your furry friend? Thanks to a canine-specific parade in Louisiana, you don’t have to! The Krewe of Barkus Parade in Lake Charles, Louisiana is the perfect Mardi Gras party that’s just for pups, their families, and any dog lovers that want to attend. During this event, dogs are the stars of the show! This year will be the 25th annual parade, and … Read more

Dog’s Adorable Protest Signs Speak For All Pups

Baboy is a cute pup that has a passion for speaking her mind. She recently started her own Instagram to help share the world from a dog’s perspective, and the results are hilarious! Every few days, Baboy posts an adorable photo of herself on social media. In each picture, she holds a sign between her teeth, protesting something that all dogs and humans should know. She’s protesting on behalf of dogs everywhere! Caroline, Baboy’s mom, said that the Instagram account … Read more

iHeartDogs Community Shows Off Their Beautiful Dog Tattoos

Dogs are an important part of our lives. They stay with us forever in our hearts whether they’re with us today or not. That’s why many dog lovers have decided to get a tattoo as a permanent memory of their furry friend. Some of these memories are simple paw prints while others are colorful portraits. Either way, it’s clear that dog parents love to show off their dog tattoos to honor their best friends. In fact, there are many amazing … Read more

17 Dachshunds Pose For Adorable Christmas Photo

Getting one dog to look nicely at the camera can be a difficult task, especially if they’re dressed in a cute outfit. It’s hard to imagine getting multiple dogs to pose at the same time. But taking dog photos is no problem for 20-year-old Liam Beach. His family has 17 Dachshunds in their home, and Beach was determined to get a Christmas photo with all of them. Sure enough, Beach proved that the perfect Christmas photo really does exist! Beach … Read more

Relatable Dog Has ‘Existential Crisis’ In Holiday Photos

Having your dogs join in on holiday photos can be a difficult task. Getting them to all sit still and look at the camera can be a nightmare, but the cute photos are well worth the extra time and effort. For one woman, her Christmas photos are not only adorable memories, but they’re hilarious viral photos. That’s because while one of her dogs is extremely photogenic, the other dog always has a look of concern when he’s faced with a … Read more

Dog Is Best Friends With His Ferret Brother

Nova is a big German Shepherd that loves to go on adventures and play. However, she never goes anywhere without her best friend by her side! While most dogs are perfectly content just playing with humans, other dogs, or sometimes even cats, Nova’s friend is very different. Her best friend is her ferret brother named Pacco, and they do everything together! Diana Grib has had Nova for about two and a half years, but she’s only had Pacco for a … Read more

Homeless Puppy Finds Shelter In A Nativity Scene

As Christmas approaches, lots of churches put up Nativity scenes for people to enjoy. In Criciúma, Brazil, a church had just set up a Nativity scene of their own, and a group of people came to admire it. To their surprise, there was an unexpected addition to the scene. A puppy was curled up right beside baby Jesus, trying his best to keep warm. The puppy appeared peaceful as he slept. The puppy looked like a German Shepherd, and he … Read more

Dog’s Silly Expressions Are the Highlight of Family’s Holiday Photos

Dogs are an important part of a family. So, of course, it’s common for dog parents to include their furry friends in their family photos. However, not all dogs are a fan of sitting still and posing nicely for the camera. Beatrice the two-year-old Weimaraner is one of those dogs that didn’t want to be photographed. At the time, her family didn’t think much of it, but her expressions soon became the best part of their photos. Beatrice’s family just … Read more

Woman And Her 7 Dogs Become Snow White And The 7 Dwarves For Halloween!

Sasha Hobson is a photographer that loves dogs. Every year, she goes all out with Halloween costumes for all of her dogs, and every year, she seems to have adopted even more furry friends. This year, she has seven dogs in her home, and she wanted to find the perfect costume that would suit all their personalities. At first, she thought of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme, but then she came up with something even better. Hobson’s seven dogs … Read more

Instagram-Famous Dachshund Can Balance Almost Any Object On His Head

Harlso is an adorable Dachshund that has become a social media star thanks to his unusual talent. He can balance items on his head! Not just specific items, but he can balance nearly anything on his head including dog toys, donuts, and even a tower of cards! There seems to be no limit to this dog’s talent, which is what has made him a social media star. So, how did this adorable dog even learn this special skill? The Start … Read more

You Won’t Believe The Bizarre Positions These Dogs Sleep In

  It’s no secret that dogs love to sleep. Anytime. Anywhere. Whether it’s after a long day at the dog park or an excessive amount of playing, dogs will often get so sleepy that they can’t even keep their eyes open. However, not all dogs sleep curled up in a bed or lying on the floor. These dogs prove that! Here’s a collection of some of the funniest photos showing just how crazy dog’s sleep positions can be! Nothing Says … Read more

Heartbreaking moment captured by camera! A man abandons his dog in the middle of the road!

From the moment you decide to bring a dog home it should instantly become part of your family. Indeed, there are unfortunate cases when you can’t afford to take care of your dog, but there are always alternatives. At least, give it for adoption or take it to a shelter. This monster decided the best thing to do was take his beautiful pup to an isolated road and dump him. Watch in horror as the dog almost acts like this … Read more

Airport Staff Show The Love With K-9’s Retirement Farewell Party

For almost 5 years, pup Gema has been a hard-working service dog at Orlando National Airport (MCO). So when it came time for her retirement, her colleagues couldn’t help but throw her a celebration! “There she is! K-9 Gema is ready to party. She’s retiring after almost 5 years at MCO with handler Eddie,” MCO wrote on Twitter.   There she is! K-9 Gema is ready to party. She’s retiring after almost 5 years at MCO with handler Eddie. #HappyRetirementGema … Read more

Bronx Veteran Reunited With Stolen Service Dog

On Mother’s Day weekend just last month, Robert Lebron and his puppy, Mala, were returning from a walk when they were suddenly attacked by two men. Surveillance video shows one man kicking Robert down a small set of stairs leading from the stoop of his home, and following him as he falls out of frame. Robert, unsure if they were armed and not willing to risk serious injury to himself or Mala, refused to fight back. During the scuffle, he … Read more

Egg Experiment Demonstrates The Danger Of Leaving A Dog In A Hot Car

Despite the increased news coverage, celebrity videos and updated laws relating to pets in hot cars, cases continue to pop up across the country. The issue may be that many people simply do not grasp the extremity of the heat and the speed at which life-threatening temperatures can be reached in a parked vehicle. One Imgur user decided to create a visual demonstration of the phenomenon using an egg and a frying pan.   The first image shows a cracked … Read more

Photographer Hopes To Document Her Dog’s Recovery–But Captures Her Hardest Goodbye

When Jasmina Lozar Povše first saw Lilly in a shelter on a dog rescue mission in Croatia, she didn’t think she was ready to bring home a new dog. Jasmina had been suffering from debilitating asthma and allergies, barely able to get outside at times. She felt she couldn’t offer a quality life for Lilly. But when her friend returned to the shelter two weeks later and saw Lilly still there, Jasmina knew she had to take her home. Lilly … Read more

Sweet Dog Pretends To Love The Tiny Bed His Mom Bought Him By Mistake

Seriously, how awesome are dogs? They’re so darn happy and grateful for every little thing! One especially sweet pup named Kenny has taken the internet by storm with his genuine efforts to cram his XL body onto the XS bed his mother accidentally purchased online! His human sister, Paeton posted several hilarious photos to Twitter earlier this week and people have not been able to get enough of kind-hearted Kenny! so my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed but … Read more