The 75 Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Dogs & Dog Lovers

#75 – This “Christmas Miracle” bracelet that provides food for an entire shelter! With each purchase of this beautiful beaded bracelet, you’ll fund 30 healthy meals for shelter dogs through $12.99, available here. #74 – This tracker that learns & interprets the unique activity & behavior patterns of any dog, the perfect gift for dog owners! Make life as a dog owner more rewarding by achieving goals together, and simpler by spotting significant behavior changes at the first sign. … Read more

Kabo Review: Canada’s New Fresh Dog Food Delivery Brand

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, fresh dog food delivery in Canada has grown dramatically over the past few months. As more Canadians embrace online pet food purchases, we have partnered with Kabo, Canada’s largest fresh dog food delivery network. Kabo takes creating healthy dog food very seriously and answers the most common questions about ordering your dog food online. So, why is Kabo Fresh Dog Food the best choice for your dog? It’s Made with the Highest Quality Ingredients from … Read more

25 Hot Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

25. These “Christmas Miracle” Tree Toppers Where Every Purchase Feeds 30 Shelter Pets! Such a cute idea… make a dog your Christmas tree topper! After all, they are angels right?! $29.99, available here.     24. These pawdorable solar powered paw lights. We all know it- dogs light up our lives! Put these cute lights in your garden to enjoy year around. $19.99, available here.     23. A decorative hand towel featuring gingerbread dogs! This towel makes a wonderful gift … Read more

12 Pawdorable Christmas Decor Items That Will Make Your Guests Say WOW

  1. A ‘Christmas Miracle’ Tree Topper This beautiful holiday decoration is actually a miracle for an entire shelter. That’s because every one purchased provides 30 meals to shelter dogs. Can be used as a Christmas tree topper or a decoration on a shelf, mantle, or table.$29.99, available here. There’s also a kitty version as well! 2. A Christmas Dog Treat Advent Calendar Start a new tradition your pup will love! $19.99, available here.    3. This incredibly adorable set … Read more

Try One of the Most Popular Canine Joint Pain Supplements for Under $15

Can Your Senior Begin ‘Acting Like a Puppy Again’?! We have a saying here at iHeartDogs. We created it because we started hearing the same thing over and over again when it came to our canine joint supplement product. It goes something like this. A customer with an older dog tries our Advanced Hip & Joint chews. They usually have tried a product before, but they either didn’t see results, or their dog refused to eat it. They try our … Read more

The Complete Natural Remedies Guide For Itchy Dogs And Dogs With Allergic Skin Reactions

Did you know that almost a quarter of all vet visits are due to skin problems like itching and allergies? It’s the number one reason for a trip to the veterinarian. Dogs can suffer all sorts of skin-related problems, and itchiness and discomfort are just the beginning. Wounds that won’t heal, such as hot spots or lick granulomas; chronic yeast or bacterial infections; and even hair loss can result from itchiness and allergies. Listening to your dog scratching all night … Read more

The Top 7 Questions Around Doggy Dental Health – ANSWERED

It may never have occurred to you to brush your dog’s teeth before, or maybe you’ve tried but your dog hates the toothbrush. Is it really that important to brush your dog’s teeth? What happens if you don’t do anything about your pup’s dental health? You may have lots of questions about doggy dental health, and we aim to provide you with answers. Here are the answers to the top 7 questions about how and why you need to care … Read more

5 Strategies For Helping Your Dog Deal With Thunderstorm Anxiety

You can get to feeling pretty helpless watching your dog freak out during a thunderstorm. Nobody likes the loud, sudden noises, but your dog’s sensitive hearing makes it outright unbearable. Your dog may show his fear in a number of ways, and it’s best to watch for these signs of fear and anxiety before you try to approach or engage him – a dog can become aggressive with even the people he loves most when he’s scared or stressed. You … Read more

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Dog’s Ears (But Should!)

Our dogs are adorable from their heads to their toes, but almost any dog lover will tell you that there’s something about a pup’s ears that are simply irresistible! Whether it’s because they’re one of the softest parts of a pooch, they’re a “sweet spot” for scratches, or they lend themselves to many endearing expressions, a dog’s ears are part of what makes them unique. While pup pawrents aren’t expected to know everything about their furry friends’ ears, there are a … Read more

The Easiest Way To Help Your Dog Maintain His Dental Health

It’s a sad fact that more than 80% of dogs have periodontal disease (problems with the teeth and gums) by the time they’re 3 years old. Most of those dogs will show no signs of pain or problems, either, unless you really know what to look for. What’s the big deal, anyway? Actually, failing to care for your dog’s teeth and gums can cause a wide variety of health problems that can affect more than just his mouth. Let’s look … Read more

Can Treats Provide Nutrition In Your Dog’s Diet?

Caring for your dog is about more than giving them love and attention, it’s about keeping them in the best health possible. As our dogs grow, and especially as they begin to age, we become more and more concerned with their comfort and well-being, and many dog owners begin to question whether they’re giving their dogs everything they need. Diets can be tricky – our dogs have just as many dietary dos and don’ts as we do, and finding the … Read more

3 Things That Can Help Your Senior Dog Avoid Dementia

Did you know that cognitive dysfunction syndrome, also called dog dementia, affects a large percentage of our fur children? More than a quarter (28%) of all dogs between the ages of 11 and 12 show at least one symptom of cognitive impairment. By the time a dog reaches 15, more than two-thirds (68%) of all dogs show at least one symptom and more than a third (35%) display at least 2 symptoms of cognitive decline. Luckily, there are some things you … Read more

Stuck Inside Due To The Weather? Treat Your Pup To This Super Stimulating Dog Activity!

Do you dread rainy days? The weather forecast might put a damper on your whole day before the first drops start falling if you have an energetic dog. It means canceled walks. No trips to the dog park. And a dog with so much pent up energy it could fill the whole house. You know that if you don’t have a stimulating dog activity planned for him, he’ll find something to do on his own. And that something that might … Read more

Hone Your Dog’s Scent Skills So He Can “See” The World Through His Nose

According to the experts, dogs “see” the world through their noses. While most people depend on sight, a dog’s scent skills are their primary way of experiencing their surroundings. “They might look at someone with their eyes; as you approach, they look at you,” world renowned dog cognition specialist, Alexandra Horowitz says. “But then once they’ve noticed that there’s something with their eyes, they use smell to tell that it’s you.” Through vision, humans are able to take in what … Read more

How Snuffle Mats Can Function As Slow Feeders

snuffle mats

When your chow hound can inhale a meal faster than it took you to dish it out, you know you need to slow things down. Slow feeder bowls are the most well-known way to do this, but eager eaters still manage to gulp their food. Eating too fast is a dangerous habit that can cause anything from vomiting to life-threatening bloat. You need to find a way to slow down your dog, but that doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars … Read more

Why You Should Never Ignore Dandruff On Your Dog

We humans aren’t the only ones who can suffer from a flaky, itchy scalp. Our dogs can too, only they get dandruff all over! Aside from being uncomfortable and shedding flakes all over dark surfaces, this skin condition can be indicative of some other underlying problems that shouldn’t be ignored. Common Causes of Dandruff in Dogs: 1. Allergies Whether environmental or food-related, allergies can affect skin by making it itchy, irritated, and yes, dry and flaky. 2. Dry Air If … Read more

How To Safely And Naturally Remedy Hyperkeratosis

Canine hyperkeratosis isn’t life threatening and it’s not always easy to identify, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Hyperkeratosis is a condition where the skin on a dog’s nose or paw pads becomes especially thick and hard. It can cause painful callouses, and foot pad hyperkeratosis is often called “hairy dog feet” because of the way the skin cracks and separates. It can lead to infections, lameness, and general discomfort, and while there is no cure, treatment is … Read more

Why You Need To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Daily

Daily toothbrushing is one of the most important things you can do for your pup’s health, yet very few dog owners make it part of their routine. Nobody wants another daily chore, but brushing is vital to ensuring your furry best friend’s mouth – and body – stay healthy and pain-free as long as possible. “It’s very important, maybe more so than what I do,” says veterinary dentist, Thoulton W. Surgeon. “What I do, in terms of removing calculus and … Read more

5 Stylish Home Decor Items To Make Life Easier For Senior Dogs

Senior dogs often find it increasingly difficult to navigate stairs, slippery floors, and high furniture. In addition to these potential hazards, basic routines like eating and napping may put strain on aging joints. Luckily, keeping your senior dog comfortable and secure is as simple as updating your decor. The following products not only ensure your home is a safe haven for your older pooch, they also enhance your style! 1. Anti-Skid Rugs When shopping for senior dog decor, anti-skid rugs … Read more

6 Tips For Making Your Dog’s Kennel Comfy

Your dog’s kennel should be a safe, comfortable space where he goes to relax instead of throwing him inside when it’s time for you to leave him alone. A bare kennel isn’t exactly the most inviting environment for your fur child. Here are 6 tips for making your dog’s kennel a comfy bedroom instead of a bare prison cell. #1 – Make sure it’s big enough Your pup should be able to stand up, turn around, and stretch out comfortably in … Read more

4 Common Ingredients In Dog Treats To Watch Out For

common ingredients in dog treats

You love making your dog happy with something as simple as a yummy treat. Sure, she’ll gulp down almost anything that’s edible (and a few things that aren’t), but you want your dog’s treats to be nutritious as well as delicious. Unfortunately, many brands of dog treats include ingredients that aren’t good for your dog’s health. Some ingredients offer zero nutritional value, and others have potentially harmful side effects. Here’s a list of common ingredients in dog treats you want … Read more

How This Delicious Meal Topper Can Improve Your Dog’s Digestion

Did you know that you can improve your dog’s digestion without even changing her food? Many dogs suffer from poor digestion, and a big part of that is what they eat. So, we have created a new dog food topper to improve your dog’s digestion without the hassle of completely changing her diet. Happy, Healthy™️ Topper is a superfood blend you can pour right over your dog’s kibble. Dry dog food doesn’t have all the essential nutrients pups need, so … Read more

How This Delicious Meal Topper Can Improve Your Dog’s Joints

Did you know that you can improve your dog’s joint health without even changing his food? Many dogs suffer from joint and bone problems, and a big part of that is what they eat. So, we have created a new dog food topper to improve your dog’s joints without the hassle of completely changing his diet. Happy, Healthy™️ Topper is a superfood blend you can just pour on top of your dog’s kibble. Dry dog food doesn’t have all the … Read more

How This Delicious Meal Topper Can Improve Your Dog’s Heart

Did you know that you can improve your dog’s cardiovascular health without changing their food? Many dogs suffer from heart problems, and a big part of that is what they eat. So, we have created a new dog food topper to improve your dog’s heart health without the hassle of completely changing their diet. Happy, Healthy™️ Topper is a superfood blend you can pour right on top of your dog’s kibble. Dry dog food doesn’t always have all the essential … Read more

Why Happy, Healthy™️ Topper Is The Ultimate Superfood For Senior Dogs

As dogs age, their appetites may decrease due to issues like arthritis pain, lowered activity, or dental health. In addition, many senior dogs still eat dry food, which just doesn’t have all the health benefits they truly need. If senior dogs don’t take in proper amounts of nutrients, they are at a higher risk of illness. Luckily, dog food toppers are an easy and delicious way to give your older pooch all the beneficial ingredients he needs to stay active … Read more

7 Ways Happy, Healthy™ Topper Can Benefit Senior Dogs

Dog parents with senior dogs have to be extra careful when choosing dog food. Seniors are often pickier, especially with kibble. They need as many health boosts in their diets as possible. Therefore, the same kibble you’ve been feeding your dog his whole life just won’t cut it as he gets older. Luckily, we have an easy solution that will be healthy and delicious for your senior pup. Our Happy, Healthy™ Food Topper makes it extremely easy to give your … Read more

Here Is An Easy, Affordable Way To Make Kibble Healthier!

Kibble has been the most popular type of dog food for as long as we can remember. The majority of dog parents feed their dogs kibble without even giving it a second thought. However, kibble is actually far from healthy and nutritious. You wouldn’t eat the same low-quality meal every day, so why should your dog? Luckily, with Happy, Healthy™ Topper, you can finally improve your dog’s diet in an easy and affordable way! Problems With Dry Dog Food Dry … Read more

Add This To Your Dog’s Food To Give Them A Longer, Healthier Life

As loving dog parents, we always want what’s best for our dogs. We want them to be happy and healthy, and of course, we also want them to live a long life! However, our lives can get busy, and the healthiest dog food can often be pricey and more time-consuming. We want to give our dogs the best possible products, but we often just don’t have the time or money. This is why many good dog parents still choose dry … Read more

This One Thing Can Help Your Dog Avoid Major Health Problems

As a responsible dog parent, your dog’s health is your number one priority. There are lots of ways to get ahead of major health concerns for your dog, but it often takes a lot of extra time and money. However, areas like digestion, joint health, immune systems, and heart health are all things that you need to stay on top of because they can be fairly common for dogs. Luckily, there’s an easy and affordable way to battle all these … Read more

5 Tips For Dogs That Are Picky Eaters

Some dogs love to eat. They’ll eat anything and everything that you put in front of them. However, other dogs are a bit more finicky when it comes to their food. Finding a dog food that your dog enjoys eating can be a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. So, here are some tips that can help your picky dog enjoy mealtime, one of which is our new superfood topper called Happy, Healthy™ Topper! Keep in mind that in some … Read more