Pit Bull Rescued From A Fighting Ring Is Given His First Snack, And ‘Loses His Mind’

Dog fighting is a despicable activity on every conceivable level. Today, we’re introducing you to a dog named Finn the Pit Bull, better known as Mighty Finn. Meet Finn the Pit Bull, also known as Mighty Finn, a.k.a., “Finn”


Image Credit: Might Finn The Dog


Pit Bulls that have been trained for fighting are generally considered hazardous. But Finn was not.

When he was first rescued, he was so hungry for love and fine cuisine that when he got his first delectable meal after being saved, he could not contain himself!

Finn was raised in a household where he received little or no attention, and thus he has few expectations of anything. So when his new parents offered him pizza dough, it was one of life’s greatest pleasures for him!


Image Credit: Might Finn The Dog


He went berserk! He started sprinting from one side of the room to the other, banging his side body against the walls while floor skating.

Clearly, he was overjoyed! The pizzazoomies had begun!


Image Credit: Might Finn The Dog


This lovely Pit Bull demonstrates how sometimes the tiniest pleasures in life are so gratifying.

He is now in a secure, happy, and delicious home where he enjoys his pizza crusts.


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Serviceman Dropped To His Knees When His Parents Aren’t There To Greet Him

It’s a huge sacrifice to serve one’s country. It is difficult enough to return home safely. We are thankful for all those who serve and understand that their efforts are never simple. Thankfully, events like these may be shared so that the general public might truly comprehend how much our soldiers miss them.


Image Source: YouTube Video


Brent couldn’t wait to return home to his family. Of course, his family was just as eager to see him. What Brent didn’t know was that he would be met by his #1 fan first thing upon returning home.


Image Source: YouTube Video


When Bret emerged from the plane and made his way through the airport with another solider, he was visibly weary and overwhelmed to be on American soil. However, when he proceeded a little further, his entire attitude changed. He saw his parents nearby, and while his heart swelled at the sight of them, he was quickly on his knees to welcome him.


Image Source: YouTube Video


She instantly recognizes the scent of his breath and the only thing in her head is DAD! You’ve returned home! Brent’s parents have been watching his dog while he was away, but no one can compare to  > > Click To Read more of this heartwarming story!

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Man Returned To Adopt The Dog He Rescued, And The Pup Couldn’t Be Happier

A Pit Bull Puppy Rescued From The Brink Of Death Reunites With His Rescuer, Then Receive THE BIGGEST SURPRISE! (With Updates)


Source of Image: YouTube

When a Pit Bull puppy in Nova Scotia was on the verge of death, Marine Joey Wagner rose to the occasion and went above and above the call of duty. The mange-covered puppy was found by Mr. Wagner, who acted immediately! He took him to the veterinarian for prompt treatment… Fortunately, his fast thinking saved the pup’s life.


The medical team was opposed to Mojo being given away in a typical adoption. As a result, they naturally called upon someone very special to see if he would welcome Mojo into his home. It was clear that he had already opened up his heart…

Source of Image: YouTube


When Wagner returned to the clinic to see his new puppy, he was met with a very special welcome. Mojo couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the guy who saved him. It’s impossible for me to doubt that he recognized Wagner and welcomed him back because it was a brilliant decision!


Mojo is now three years old, and he’s doing fantastic! He resides happily with Wagner and his family and is a very happy young man. It’s said that he’s quite pampered (and we’re totally fine with that!)



Lucky Elderly Man Is Greeted Every Day By A ‘Friend’ Who Crawls Out Of The Ice

Over the years, we’ve all seen some unusual and unlikely friendships, but this one may take the cake! One day, a hungry otter showed up at an elderly man’s doorstep seeking food. Since then, Seppo Laamanen, 65, and Iivari the otter have been best pals.. . 


Source: StoryTrender/YouTube


It all started when Seppo fed worms and tiny fish to the starving otter, who was obviously hungry. After that, the kind animal repaid the favour by visiting Seppo at his home in Easter Finland. This was the start of something wonderful.



There’s no way Seppo could’ve known it would all lead to this. This adorably distinctive friendship is something you just have to watch to believe. There’s nothing better than the connection between two pals, regardless of species! 🙂

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Dog In Wheelchair Adopted By Man With Similar Paralysis

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Dog Befriends and Protects Abandoned Baby Giraffe

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Guide Dog Led Blind Dad And 30 Others Out Of World Trade Center On 9/11

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