A Pomeranian Heard a Wolf Cry On The Internet & The Cutest Thing Happened!

This video isn’t new by any means, but it’s a classic! First posted on YouTube back in 2009, it’s already amassed nearly 9 million views! It all starts with hearing an audio clip of a wolf cry on the internet. At first, this pup is afraid. Then curious. And then, well we’ll let you see for yourself. But brace yourself for the cuteness that starts at 0:32!!! How does your dog react to animals on your computer or TV screen? … Read more

So a Puppy Met a Herd of Cows… and It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!

What happens when a 6 month old boxer sees cows for the first time? Well, she runs over to investigate, of course! Watching their body language with each other is just fascinating! It seems like some of the cows are even a little afriad of this curious pup. I love when the puppy crouches down and invites all the cows in for a “sniff”. Completely adorable! Have your dogs ever met farm animals? How did they react? If you’d like … Read more

These 3 Dogs Were The Only Ones To See What This Fedex Guy Did!!!

These 3 dogs we’re the only ones to see what this Fedex guy did. That is… until this security footage got released. If you ask me, the dogs knew what was going to happen and were trying to warn him. Poor guy! Talk about a bad day on the job. I sure hope he has dogs of his own to go home to! (P.S. – We learned that there wasn’t any damage to the truck and the driver is safe. … Read more