Impatient Dog Won’t Stop Telling His Dad He Wants A Kitten

Dogs and cats have a long history of not getting along. Many people still believe that these animals are destined to be enemies despite all the dog and cat friends on the internet. In fact, some dogs actually love cats more than anything else.  A big dog named Clyde is an example of a dog who’s obsessed with cats. He has always wanted a kitten friend of his own, so he makes sure his dad knows. In a hilarious video, … Read more

Abandoned Puppy Finally Finds Comfort With Human Baby

A little boy named Ian and an adorable dog named Callie are best friends. They grew up side by side, and they’re about the same exact age. Their special bond started when they were both only 3 months old. When Callie was just a puppy, she was abandoned by her first family. She was left tied to a fence all alone. She whimpered for help until a kind man came to the rescue. He adopted the little puppy and brought … Read more

Dog Has Important Message During COVID Pandemic

Everyone has their concerns during the coronavirus scare, but no one knows the situation better than Pluto. Pluto is a little dog that recently took over the internet with her smart and adorable advice. Nancie Wight, Pluto’s mom, posted a silly video of Pluto talking about her thoughts on the coronavirus, but from a dog’s perspective. Wight never expected Pluto to be such a huge hit, but now the little dog is famous all over social media. Plus, her advice … Read more

Beagle Shares Birdwatching Moment With His Unlikely Friend

Dogs and cats are often thought of as enemies. The media pits these two common companions against each other, but that’s not always the reality. In fact, dogs and cats can actually become best friends in many situations! When Lisa Olsen-Plummer adopted Bo the Beagle puppy, she wasn’t sure how he’d act around her two cats, Jasper and Juniper. However, she was soon surprised to find that Bo and Jasper had a special bond that would soon inspire the internet. … Read more

Boxer Throws A Fit When Comedian Imitates Him

Dogs do silly things all the time that we just can’t explain. They love to follow us around and do funny things to get our attention, but they often don’t like it when the tables are turned. In a hilarious video, one particular dog is completely fed up with his human friend’s shenanigans. Oscar Filho, a Brazilian comedian, has a blast imitating his friend’s Boxer, Mel. However, Mel wants nothing to do with Filho’s strange actions. In fact, Mel throws … Read more

Toddler Comforts Scared Golden Retriever During Storm

Unfamiliar things are usually very scary for dogs, especially when it comes to loud sounds. Thunderstorms are a common fear for dogs because to them, booming noises coming from the sky are just not okay! During a thunderstorm, most dogs find a place to hide, trying to find the safest place possible. However, sometimes all they need to calm their fears is some love. One smart toddler knows exactly how to comfort his best friend during a storm, and their … Read more

Lucky Birthday Pup Is Surprised With 400 Tennis Balls

Every dog deserves an extra special birthday that they’ll never forget. That’s why Alistair Clyde had to think outside of the box for her Belgian Malinois’ big day. Titus is a young dog that still has plenty of energy in him. Therefore, his favorite thing in the world is playing fetch! Clyde quickly realized that tennis balls were Titus’ favorite toy, so she used that as part of her birthday plan. However, she knew that a few tennis balls just … Read more

Silly Dog Wants To Be Just Like His Corgi Brother

Corgis are often loved for their adorable stubby legs, and most humans just can’t get enough of them! Oftentimes, dog lovers playfully tease Corgis about their silly structure, but as it turns out, other dogs are entertained by their legs too! At least, Dustin the Jack Russell/Pug mix is. Dustin has a Corgi brother named Tayto, and he loves to tease him just like any older brother would. In fact, Dustin even tries to mimic Tayto’s short legs on a … Read more

Dog Show Judge Asks Sweet Autistic Girl To Present Her “Dog”

Dog shows sometimes have a bad reputation due to their seriousness about breed standards. People often assume that dog shows are always formal and strict with their rules and requirements, but that isn’t always the case. A judge at the Purina Farms dog show in Gray Summit, Missouri, decided to keep the show as happy and lighthearted as possible. He did this by sharing his goodwill with a sweet young girl in the audience. He added her and her incredible … Read more

Dog Wins Connect 4 Game Against His Mom

Dogs are the best companions. Whether you just want to sit around and snuggle or run around and play, dogs always want to be there with you. However, for a smart Cockapoo named Percy, play time is more than just squeaky toys. Percy’s favorite game is Connect 4, and he gets better at it every time he plays. He might even be better at it than most people are! Percy loves when his mom, Sarah Shapiro-Ward, teaches him new tricks. … Read more

Watch These Dogs Get Into Their Humans’ Workouts!

Dogs are wonderful in a multitude of ways. They provide us protection and support and love that is comparable to that of any human family member. When we are apart, we long to be with them. When we are together, our hearts are full. That being said, there are a few times when we would really rather our furry sidekick give us a little space. Such as when we are working out, for example. Alexis Karstetter was working out on … Read more

Bossy Dog Teaches Toddler How To Sit

Nearly every dog knows how to sit on command. It’s a simple trick that many dog parents love to teach their furry friends. However, Khloe the Labradoodle is fed up with being told what to do. Not only have her parents taught her to sit, but now her human sister, Joslyn, is trying to boss her around too! In an adorable video of Khloe and Joslyn, Khloe decides to teach her baby sister some tricks instead. In the beginning of … Read more

Comedy Legends Including Carol Burnett And Bob Newhart Film PSA Tribute To Senior Dogs

As human beings, most of us have a natural fear of getting older. Life’s physical changes can be hard, no matter how long we’ve been expecting them. Comedy legends Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, Lily Tomlin, and Carl Reiner are well into their 80s and 90s now. But as they all agree in a new PSA for The Grey Muzzle Organization, that’s really not so bad. The Grey Muzzle Organization has provided nearly $2 million in grants to 190 different senior … Read more

Therapy Dog Hoards Christmas Toys For Himself

An adorable therapy dog named Ben Franklin knows what Christmas is all about. At least, he thinks it’s all about the toys.  The Franklin Police Department was collecting toy donations to be shipped off to the Santa Foundation. However, they never expected that one of their employees would be eager to keep those toys for himself. Ben the Golden Retriever has been with the police department ever since he was a young puppy. He joined the team as a therapy … Read more

Reggaeton Loving Beagle Gets His Groove On

They may not have the opposable thumbs or pouting lips that playing instruments requires, but dogs can still get into music. They just tend to do better on the movement side. At least, a dancing Beagle named Bailey certainly does. Bailey grooved his way to stardom this week with an absolutely enchanting music video. A videographer we’re all extremely grateful for captured the pup enthusiastically dancing to Reggaeton music with his person. IT’S SO CUTE. Wendy Berenguer shared the video of Bailey … Read more

Dog Flies Down The Stairs In Hilarious Video

Tank the Bull Terrier recently got the hang of going up and down the stairs at his home. The stairs are completely wooden, so they can be slippery and scary for any dog. Not for Tank though! He is a brave dog that seems to think he’s indestructible. He quickly decided that he was able to do more than just go up and down the stairs, and he proves that in a new viral video. In the video, Tank is … Read more

Lost Dog Surprises Her Favorite Kid When He Gets Picked Up From School

Piper is a lucky little Pug with an amazing family. She’s also very young, playful, and curious. One day when April Licata let the small dog outside to go to the bathroom, Piper got away when she wasn’t paying attention. Licata was devastated, but she knew her two oldest kids, Carter and Natalie, would be even more heartbroken. So, the family searched long and hard for their beloved dog. Licata spread the word about Piper as much as possible. She … Read more

Dog Hops Into An Austin Animal Services Vehicle And Makes Himself Comfortable

After a recent flooding in Texas, Austin Animal Services drove to the affected area to see if any dog parents needed assistance. WA2S Films rode along for this adventure to get this outreach mission on video. They weren’t sure exactly what to expect, but they sure didn’t plan on having a furry passenger join them. As they were driving, a dog hopped in the vehicle, making himself very comfortable. In fact, he was so comfortable that he refused to leave! … Read more

Prancing Pup Runs The Westminster Agility Course At His Own Leisurely Pace

The Agility Competition at the Westminster and Crufts dog shows are a source of pure entertainment for dog lovers. It’s exciting to watch the incredible canine athletes, but the real fun is the unpredictability of the dogs themselves. Take for example, Mia the Beagle. During her 2017 Westminster run, Mia was more interested in the crowd and the state of her lady parts than the competition. And then there was Kratu’s 2019 Crufts performance. The shaggy Romanian rescue dog created … Read more

Maintenance Worker Can’t Help But Play With Tenant’s Adorable Dog Before Leaving

The trend of dog-friendly work places is on the rise, and I’ve got to say that I’m personally all for it. Breaking up a long work day with some snuggles and pats sure makes the rest of it easier. Plus there’s plenty of proof that playing with a dog is immensely therapeutic. Not everyone has an office or regular workplace to go to, however. Some people’s workplace happens to be other people’s homes. The best part about that is the … Read more

This Baby’s ‘Unsettling’ Actions Sent This Poor Pup Running

Sometimes, you see a video that has over 600,000 views and think “wait… that’s it?!” This isn’t one of those. It may be short, but the payoff is well worth it. I’ll keep you smiling all day. Here’s the setup: an adorable baby in a onesie is leaning against his family’s pup who’s taking a little snooze. So we’re already off to a great start. Babies and dogs doing absolutely nothing is a good enough recipe for a viral video. … Read more

5 Super Service Dogs in Action with Their Handlers

Service dogs have the capacity to amaze us with their intelligence, devotion, focus and abilities. We’ve all seen stories of service dogs performing heroic feats to save lives. We’ve watched them in public providing support and alerts to handlers in need. They help their humans walk, retrieve needed objects, assist first responders with their efforts and use their noses to detect illness and oncoming health problems. Today we honor 5 of these incredible service dogs, sharing videos of them in … Read more

Dog Was So Matted He Could Hardly Walk

Officials at the Richmond SPCA consider Lionheart to be one of the worst neglect cases they have seen in decades. When the 7-year-old Poodle was surrendered to their care in April, he was so matted he was barely recognizable as a dog. “When I first looked at Lionheart in the kennel run when he first arrived, I literally could not tell which was the front or the back,” Richmond SPCA CEO Robin Robertson Starr told WTVR News. The filthy clumps … Read more

Nosy Frenchies Get Into Food Coloring & Accidentally Dye Themselves Green

If you have ever known a French Bulldog you know they are willful, mischievous, and incredibly nosy. A pair of white Frenchies in northern Thailand recently learned the error of their ways when they got into a kitchen cabinet in the dead of night. In search of snacks, they came across a bag of green food coloring instead. Their owner, Yada Ornsomjit was understandably perturbed when she discovered her emerald-colored pups the following morning! Not only did Dam-nam and Sai-Aua … Read more

Service Dogs Denied Entry To Utah Restaurant For The Craziest Reason

It’s not always immediately obvious why a service dog provides aid to their handler. Sometimes a blind person needs a guide dog to navigate the world. Other times, dogs support humans with difficulty hearing, PTSD, or seizures. These well-trained dogs go everywhere with their humans. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), bans public places from discriminating against people with disabilities. Unfortunately, one Utah restaurant didn’t get the memo. An Unpleasant Situation Several residents of Ogden, Utah, shared the … Read more

After Unthinkable Neglect This Injured, Sick Dog Was Saved By A Good Samaritan

Harris recovering from injuries

An ordinary commute turned into something extraordinary when a woman noticed something living on the side of the road. To her horror, it was a badly injured dog that needed medical attention as soon as possible. She jumped into action. Battling to Survive A Good Samaritan saw an abandoned dog on the side of a St. Louis highway. She immediately rushed over to help. The dog, who was later named Harris, was severely emaciated and wrapped in a blanket. Harris … Read more

Arkansas City Finally Ends Ban on Pit Bulls…With a Catch

A ten-year ban on Pit Bulls has finally come to an end for one Arkansas city. For the last decade, Cabot has not allowed residents to have a Pit. Now things have changed for the good. Ordinance no more Residents of Cabot, Arkansas, were not allowed to have Pit Bulls in their homes. Thankfully, that ban was lifted in April 2019 and the people of the city can now have these pooches. Cabot Animal Services Director Mike Wheeler told KATV, … Read more

Dog Survives Harrowing Journey After Being Dragged By Truck

Florida Dog Dragged

Deputies in Florida’s Hernando County are searching for a man charged with animal cruelty. Witnesses rushed to the rescue of a dog after watching him dragged behind a truck in Central Florida. Although it was an absolutely awful scenario, there was one small silver lining. Jan Harwood, the owner of Nature Coast Animal Wellness and Surgical Center, was one of the bystanders that witnessed the Pit Bull being dragged by a rope around his neck. Harwood knew just where to take … Read more

Man Who Dragged Dog Behind Scooter Put Behind Bars Thanks to Quick-Thinking Dog Lover

The day was playing out like any other day for Mission Texas resident, Melissa Janelle Torrez. It was a Friday afternoon and Torrez was getting ready to leave home. However, just as she was driving out of the neighborhood, Torrez was met with a very disturbing sight. Mario Cardona, her 59-year-old neighbor, was cruising nonchalantly down the road on his motorized scooter. Dragging behind the scooter was Cardona’s 10-month-old German Sheperd puppy, G2. (Photo by CBS 4 News Rio Grande … Read more

Deaf Man Adopts Suffering Deaf Rescue Puppy – You Have To See How They Communicate

Puppy Emerson’s life got off to a very rough start. He experienced a shelter, a rescue, seizures, treatment for a parvovirus infection, and the realization that he was deaf – all at around just 6 weeks old. Emerson beat the odds in every imaginable way, but he really hit the jackpot when he met his forever father, Nick Abbott. Abbott happened to see a Facebook post about Emerson from rescue group, NFR Maine. He immediately felt a connection to the … Read more