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Celebrating the Fourth of July with Your Pets – Safely

The Fourth of July is nearly upon us, and you likely have some plans to celebrate. Perhaps those plans include going to see a fireworks display. While the Fourth is a great patriotic holiday, the fireworks that accompany it may not be anything enjoyable for your pet. Here are some considerations to think about as the holiday approaches.

Leave Your Pets at Home

It may be tempting to bring your dog along with you to go see a fireworks display, especially if you’ll be picnicking on the beach or at a park beforehand, but what will you do with your dog once the fireworks start? If your dog is nervous during thunderstorms, a fireworks display will likely be even more overwhelming. Leave your dog at home where he’s safe and distanced from the fireworks.

Plan Ahead for Your Pets

If you’ll be out of the house when fireworks start, and know that they’ll be audible from the house, take some measures to comfort your pet during that time. Leave a radio playing and some fans on to provide noise distraction. Some pets get so frantic that veterinarians prescribe anti-anxiety medications – if you suspect your pet will be highly upset by the fireworks, then check with your veterinarian to see if this might be an option. Make sure that all of your pets are safely inside the house before the fireworks start; frightened pets are at an increased risk of running away during this stressful time.

Prioritize: Pets First

Perhaps you’re in a state which allows citizens to set off fireworks, and plan to include some in your own celebration. That’s fine, but keep your pets indoors and safe while you set them off. Thundershirts provide some dogs with comfort from loud noises – perhaps give one a try if fireworks bother your dog. Don’t let your pets roam around during the celebration, especially if there are fireworks or sparklers; it’s just not worth the risk!

Plan ahead to ensure that your Fourth of July is memorable and enjoyable for both you and your pets.

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Written by Justin Palmer
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