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Owner Abandoned Puppy At The Airport Leaving An Emotional Letter Beside Him

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on September 15, 2023

When a woman discovered a small, abandoned puppy in an airport bathroom stall, she never expected the heartbreaking story behind it. The puppy, named Chewy, was left with a note explaining that his owner was fleeing an abusive relationship and couldn’t afford to take him on the flight. The note also revealed that Chewy had been injured by the sinister boyfriend and needed veterinary care.


The woman who found Chewy took him to airport security, who then contacted Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue. The rescue organization arranged for a foster home and veterinary care for the little Chihuahua. They also shared Chewy’s story on their Facebook page, hoping that his previous owner would see that he was safe and well-cared for.


Chewy’s story went viral, and many people expressed interest in adopting him. The rescue organization decided to give his original owner some time to come forward and reclaim him. But she never did, likely out of concern for her own safety. Eventually, Chewy was adopted by a loving family who continue to remain anonymous for Chewy’s well-being. They are giving the pup the life they know his former owner would have wanted to give him, if she could.


This story serves as a reminder not to judge others before knowing the full story. Chewy’s owner made a brave and selfless decision to ensure her beloved pet’s safety, even though it meant leaving him behind. We hope that both Chewy and his original owner find happiness and peace in their new lives.

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