Thieves Force Child To Steal Puppy From Pet Store As They Lie In Wait

Surveillance cameras captured the moment when a child stole a four-month-old Boston terrier puppy named “Pip” straight out of his cage. Footage revealed that two different adults, a man and a woman, assisted in the theft.  

The incident occurred around six in the evening at The Left Paw, a New York pet store, and has left the employees devastated, and deeply concerned for the young pup’s safety.


In the video, you can see the young boy enter the Hyde Park pet store with a man. It’s clear that the pair are scoping out the puppies, and they even investigate a few of the locks on the cages. Then, they leave and the young boy returns with a woman. 

The employees were stunned to see that the woman, who may be his mother, kept a look-out and even helped him after he opened the cage. 

Once Pip is in his arms, the young boy quickly makes his way out of the store, and walks down the street to a gray SUV that was waiting nearby. Not long after the boy, you can see the woman calmly making her way to the same SUV. 

“Our dogs are our world to us and for a dog to be taken out of its environment without their supplies or food, it is very concerning for the pet and their health,” said Alison Steullet, a manager at The Left Paw.


Pip is an absolutely adorable Boston Terrier. His fur is black and white, and he has a white strip of fur down the middle of his stomach. Plus, his pointed ears curl back since he is still such a young puppy. (He is estimated to sell for around $5,400.) 

Nassau County Police are working to identify the suspects. Detectives have described the man as “white with a beard,” and he was wearing a black jacket. The woman is described as “white with black hair,” and she was wearing a black top and blue jeans.

“If we can figure out who did this and where they are to try to get that puppy back to make sure it has a safe home – that is the best thing we can hope for,” said Alison.

Please let the authorities know if you see any of the people shown on the footage. Anyone with any information regarding the suspects, or where the puppy could have been taken is asked to contact the Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS. All callers will remain anonymous.

You can check out the news story, which includes the surveillance footage, below.

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