Chris Evans’ Rescue Dog Rocks His Cable Knit Sweater From Knives Out!

Chris Evans might be swoon-worthy but have you seen his dog? More specifically, have you seen his dog wearing a cable knit sweater? If you’ve seen Chris’s newest film Knives Out then you know *the* sweater. It’s caused quite the buzz. Chris wore it well when he played the character, Ransom Drysdale. Even co-stars were outshined by the iconic sweater.

“You know what they say… never work with children and animals. Well, I survived playing the mother of both Frodo Baggins and Harry Potter, and held my own with a Beverly Hills Chihuahua but now I am upstaged by a SWEATER!” Jamie Lee Curtis hilariously (and accurately) tweeted.


Now Imagine The Same Sweater, But On A Dog!

Chris may have rocked it but we’re going to argue that adorable Dodger may have worn it better!


It’s no secret that Chris is totally head over heels for Dodger. If you haven’t checked out Chris’s Twitter account, add that to your to-do list. He documents his heart-melting relationship with Dodger and it’s pure gold! And, as if you needed another reason to adore him, Chris is a huge advocate for shelter dogs. He even rescued Dodger!

Love At First Tail Wag

According to, Chris was filming a scene for Gifted that took place in an animal shelter. He didn’t know at the time that all of the dogs were actually shelter dogs. He assumed they had been brought in just for filming. Then he laid eyes on Dodger and he knew he couldn’t live without him!

Chris shared with his fans that Dodger had been at the shelter for a month, which he finds hard to believe given Dodger’s one-of-a-kind personality.


Of course, Dodger loves snuggles and walks, but he’s particularly fond of his stuffed lion. It sings. And Dodger sings. And they sing together. It’s incredible.

As you can see, the cuteness overload goes far beyond this dynamic duo’s cable knit sweater. They may be twinning in their threads but the bond goes far deeper than a slick turtleneck. So who wore it better? Or should we all just agree that their love for each other is too precious and pure and they both deserve the title of best dressed?

Yep, we thought so too!


Featured Photo: @ChrisEvans/Twitter

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