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Christmas is Over, But This Serenade Never Gets Old

The holidays are over. If you’re a stickler, you’ve taken down the tree, packed up the decorations, and started working towards achieving the goals you resolved to reach for in 2020. If you like to let the season linger, you’re still letting those lights shine bright and reveling in the spirit of the season. Whichever camp you are in, you will enjoy this video of Daniela Andrade serenading her pup with a beloved Charlie Brown Christmas classic.

Image Screenshot Daniela Andrade/YouTube


Daniela Andrade, an Angelic Voice and Rising Star

Daniela is a Canadian- Hondureña singer/songwriter with an absolutely angelic voice and adorably devoted pup. Her social media profiles have millions of followers, grown from her wildly popular and viral YouTube videos singing cover songs. Christmas Time is Here, where she and her pup age lovingly into each other’s eyes, has garnered more than 6.5 million views. And she has many others.

Image Daniela Andrade/Facebook

She released an EP in October of last year celebrating the Latina side of her life. Titled TAMALE, the songs honor a culture she often felt compelled to ignore or hide growing up in Montreal as the only Latina in the room. The single “Gallo Pinto” pays homage to her parents’ struggles as immigrants to Canada, scraping by and working hard to give their children opportunities that did not exist in their homeland of Honduras. Her YouTube success is spilling over into the mainstream music scene. She is booked to play her first ever festival, Isle of Light, in Santo Domingo. Gwen Stefani is the headliner.

Image Screenshot Daniela Andrade/YouTube

This Performance is Beautiful, Every Season of the Year

The YouTube video of Christmas Time is Here has around 3500 comments, which are overwhelmingly positive. People say things like, “I want a boyfriend who looks at me the way puppy looks at her…” and “That dog looks like he’s in heaven.” Indeed, he certainly does. He sits so calmly and completely enthralled in Daniela’s performance. It’s really enough to make your heart just melt away. 

Image Daniela Andrade/Facebook

On Daniela’s Facebook page, you can find some gorgeous photos of the rising star and her pup, whose name is Sungaze. Pretty fitting considering how he stares into her eyes with the laser like focus of a sunbeam. We love this pair and can’t wait to see what the future brings. The holidays may be behind us, but we will listen to Daniela serenade Sungaze every season of the year.

Featured Image Screenshot Daniela Andrade/YouTube

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Written by Kristen Cudd
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