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Come With Me! Stray Sets a Leashed Friend Free

There is a stray dog in the town of Novorossiysk, Russia that locals have seen around for quite some time. Dmitriy Timchenko is one of those familiar locals and he recently witnessed a brilliant exchange between the stray and an adorable black and white bully breed.

Timchenko says that the stray is a very smart dog, who always uses the crosswalks when crossing the street. He is friendly and appears healthy and well, making a life for himself with his wits and good manners.

One this particular day, a woman had popped into a nearby store, leashing her little cutie to a post just outside. The stray came along and noticed the pup. He apparently got it in his head that the bully breed needed to be freed so he set about taking care of that.

It was quite something to witness this street dog tugging, pulling, and working out just how to get that leash untied. The black and white dog seems completely undisturbed, laying peacefully with her head between her paws. She doesn’t care that this new friend is having a wrestling match with her leash.

via natasha_nvrs Instagram.

Determined to have a romp with his new friend, the stray works in a focused and deliberate manner until at last, he succeeds! His new friend is free! But she doesn’t seem so sure this is a good idea.

via natasha_nvrs Instagram.

Hilariously, the stray tugs on her leash as if to say, “C’mon! Let’s blow this joint!” and reluctantly, the bully breed gives in and allows herself to be led away. She looks back in the direction of the store with the canine version of a shrug. She knows she shouldn’t be going but she really has no choice in the matter. And doesn’t the stray look pleased as punch with himself?!

via natasha_nvrs Instagram.

But don’t worry! Timchenko and his friend went into the store and made an announcement on the loudspeaker to find the dog’s human. Mama and dog were quickly reunited, no harm no foul. As for that rascally stray, he just smiled for the camera as if to say, “Can you blame a dog for trying?”

via natasha_nvrs Instagram.

We will never know if the stray thought the other dog was abandoned and wanted to rescue her or if he was just looking for a play mate and she seemed willing and able. Either way, it is really heartwarming (and hilarious!) to see a dog so cunning and determined to get his way. The full video is seen below. Enjoy!

Featured Image Screenshot natasha_nvrs Instagram.

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Written by Kristen Cudd
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