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7 Crazy Things That Are Perfectly Normal For Collies

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on May 27, 2024

Collies, those iconic dogs with their elegant fur and intelligent expressions, have charmed their way into our hearts for generations. Made famous by Lassie, these graceful dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and remarkable herding abilities. But beyond their picture-perfect appearance and noble demeanor, Collies have some quirky, downright hilarious habits that make them uniquely lovable. If you’re a Collie owner or thinking about becoming one, get ready to embrace these seven crazy things perfectly normal for Collies. Their antics will have you laughing, nodding in agreement, and perhaps recognizing a few of these traits in your own furry friend.

1. The Herding Instinct

Collies are herding dogs through and through, and this instinct is deeply ingrained in their DNA. They’re constantly looking for something—or someone—to hear. This can include children, other pets, and even unsuspecting adults. You might find your Collie gently nudging you in a particular direction or circling around to keep the family in a tight group. This behavior, while endearing, can also be a bit perplexing when you realize your Collie is trying to herd the vacuum cleaner or the family cat. Embrace this quirk by engaging them in activities that simulate herding, like agility courses or obedience training.

2. The Collie Nose Boop

One of Collies’ most charming—and sometimes surprising—habits is their penchant for nose-bopping. These dogs love using their noses to nudge you, other animals, and objects. It’s their way of saying hello, asking for attention, or exploring their environment. The gentle nudge of Collie’s nose can be quite endearing, especially when they’re greeting you after a long day. However, it can also lead to some amusing moments when they boop a stranger or investigate something with too much enthusiasm. Their curious and friendly nature makes every boop a delightful surprise.

3. The Dramatic Flair

Collies have a flair for the dramatic that can rival any seasoned actor. Whether they’re expressing joy, sadness, or indignation, they do it with an over-the-top theatricality that’s impossible to ignore. A Collie’s reaction to being told “no” can include a soulful sigh, a dramatic flop onto the floor, or an exaggerated look of betrayal. They’re not afraid to use their expressive faces and bodies to communicate exactly how they feel. This dramatic flair makes them entertaining and exasperating, but it’s all part of their unique charm. Just be prepared for the occasional Oscar-worthy performance when things don’t go their way.

4. The Velcro Dog Syndrome

Collies are incredibly loyal and affectionate, often becoming “Velcro dogs” who always want to be by your side. If you move from one room to another, don’t be surprised if your Collie follows closely behind, ready to keep you company. This constant companionship can be comforting and overwhelming, especially when you realize your Collie has followed you again into the bathroom. Their desire to be near you is a testament to their strong bond with their humans, and it’s hard to resist their devoted gaze. Enjoy their constant presence and the warmth of their unwavering loyalty.

5. The Energy Burst Zoomies

Collies have a surprising amount of energy, and they must let it out in bursts—often called “zoomies.” These sudden, high-energy sprints around the yard or house can be hilarious and bewildering. One moment your Collie is calmly lying on the floor, and the next, they’re tearing around at top speed, weaving through furniture and bouncing off walls. These energy bursts are how to burn off excess energy and have fun. Embrace the zoomies by providing plenty of exercise and playtime, and enjoy the spectacle of your Collie in full-speed action.

6. The Picky Eater Pantomime

Collies can be surprisingly finicky eaters, often displaying theatrical behaviors at mealtime. They might sniff their food, look at you as if to ask, “Is this really what you’re serving me?” and then walk away with an air of disdain. Some Collies will eat around certain pieces of kibble or delicately pick out their favorite bits. This pickiness can lead to frustration, but it’s also part of their unique personality. Experimenting with different foods and adding variety to their diet can help keep your Collie interested in their meals. And remember, their finicky habits are just another quirk that makes them who they are.

7. The Bed Hogging

Despite their relatively medium size, Collies have an uncanny ability to occupy an extraordinary amount of space on the bed. When a Collie decides it’s time to snuggle up with you, be prepared to find yourself clinging to the edge of the mattress. They’ll stretch out, sprawl, and somehow manage to occupy the entire bed, leaving you just a tiny sliver of space. This bed-hogging habit is amusing and inconvenient, but it’s hard to resist their warm, fluffy presence. Investing in a larger bed might help, but don’t be surprised if your Collie still finds a way to claim the prime sleeping spots.

Living with a Collie is a delightful experience filled with laughter, love, and a few challenges. Their quirky habits and endearing behaviors make them incredible companions who bring joy to every day. Whether it’s their herding instincts, dramatic flair, or the inevitable zoomies, Collies have a way of making their presence known and loved. Embrace their quirks, enjoy their antics, and cherish your bond with your delightful Collie.

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