Dog Left For Dead Is Taking Baby Steps Towards A Long Happy Life

When two women happened upon a shocking scene, they were appalled by what they saw lying on the side of the rural road. Davis, a gorgeous purebred German Shepherd, was seriously injured and left for dead. The poor pup had spent two long days unable to move and whimpering in pain as he was forced to face the elements.

As of right now, nobody knows exactly what happened to him, but their best guess is that he was hit by a car.


Casey of Delta Humane Society of Louisiana was contacted about this sweet Shepherd. She rescued him by flashlight and took him to see a veterinarian the next morning. Imagining this sweet baby lying in agony on the side of the road is awful, but the situation got even worse.

“My understanding is that he was on the owner’s property, and he knew about the dog’s injuries but chose not to do anything about it,” said Casey.

This is not only extremely upsetting to anyone who loves animals, but this breaks the RS-14102 law, which says that it’s against the law to not get your animal proper veterinary care.

It was obvious by both his behavior and the way he looked that Davis was seriously injured. Once he was examined by a veterinarian, they were able to determine just how badly.

“Through X-rays they made the diagnosis that he had a fracture in three places,” said Casey.

This meant that Davis was going to need pricey spinal surgery. Thankfully, animal-lovers from all over came together in support. Through generous donations, Casey was able to raise $6,000 over the course of a single weekend. This would cover enough of the medical expenses so that Davis could receive the care he needed.

Casey brought him more than 150 miles to Baton Rouge, where specialists with the LSU Veterinary School performed an incredibly complicated, eight-hour surgery to repair his spine. Afterward, he could finally move for the first time in around ten days. He could get up on his own with some assistance from a sling, and he was able to start taking baby steps toward a long and happy life.

Davis Walk

All of his doctors and nurses said he is the sweetest Shepherd and that he was always asking for extra attention. He was so happy to score himself some scratches and some tasty treats.

But this isn’t the end of Davis’s long road to recovery. After his weeks of rehab, he will still need to receive heartworm treatment and be neutered. They were incredibly fortunate to find a suitable foster home for him, and he will continue to require monitoring and medical care. But thanks to a few people who care an awful lot, it looks like this cute canine is going to spend the rest of his life incredibly loved.

To keep up with Davis’s lengthy healing progress or to donate to his astronomical medical expenses, you can peruse Davis’s gofundme or follow Delta Humane Society of Louisiana on Facebook.

Featured Image: Facebook 

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