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Discussion: Accident Or Abuse? Should Cesar Millan Have Been Charged?


Back in March, a training session that aired on an episode of Cesar 911 went awry.

French Bulldog Simon had a violent history with pigs, triggering him to attack. He could be so aggressive, he’d even killed two pigs in the past.

When Simon’s desperate owner brought him to Millan, his rehabilitation plan involved exposing the Frenchie to the very animal that set him off.

It wasn’t long before the dog slipped out of the trainer’s reach and lunged at the pig, not once, but twice. The resulting injury was a bite in the ear, deep enough to draw blood.

Later in the episode, Simon was brought to meet the pig once more. Millan leashed the dog to the swine. His reason? It put the pig in a leadership role and taught Simon to co-exist with another animal. All was well during this interaction.

Watch a news story recorded just after the incident, including clips of Simon’s interactions with the pig:

It should also be noted that the pig made a quick and full recovery.

Because he intentionally exposed a swine-slaughtering dog to live pigs (resulting in injury), the “Dog Whisperer” faced claims of animal cruelty and was investigated after the show aired.

Following a thorough investigation, including an evaluation of the pig’s health and interviews from people present during the episode’s filming, officials say that Cesar Millan will not be charged with animal cruelty.

Here’s a news clip regarding the investigation:

In a news story by NBC 4, the evaluation explained,

“There is no evidence that the pig was used as bait, and all parties who witnessed the incident felt it was an acciden. Although in the video the pig is seen bleeding, the dog’s act was merely a nip and did not tear or bite the skin off.”

In the same story, Millan is quoted as saying:

We have been informed by Los Angeles County Animal Control that their investigation into the farm pig incident is over and they have found that we did nothing wrong and no charges will be brought against me or my team. I am pleased but not surprised by this news. My team and I are 100 percent dedicated to the proper care of all animals and our animal handling procedures are safe and humane. We will continue to rescue and rehabilitate even the most difficult problem dogs. Our work has saved the lives of thousands of animals that otherwise would have been euthanized.

Do you think Cesar Millan should’ve been charged with animal abuse? Or was this the result of an unintentional accident?

Tell us your thoughts!

Written by Karen Harris
Story Page

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