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Dog Grandpa Babysits His Daughter’s Pooch & His Adorable Texts Go Viral


Some dads are just destined to become legendary grandpas!

Meghan Specksgoor’s father proved his phenomenal gramp-ing skills this holiday season when his daughter traveled to New York City, leaving her beloved pup Chance in his capable hands.

Meghan is exclusively a dog mom at this point, but should she ever want tiny humans, she can rest assured that her dad will be ready!

It all started shortly into Meghan’s trip when she received the following text/selfie combo:

It seems the pair had already worked up quite an appetite sharing special bonding experiences together.

Next came this delightful update:

You see, Meghan’s dad is the real deal. He doesn’t just shower his granddog with treats, he teaches Chance the value of earning a reward through good behavior. Kudos gramps!

As you can see, the technique paid off! Chance got his pedicure and earned his ice cream. Look at that smile!

After a full day of fun, Meghan’s dad checked in one final time to say goodnight and remind his daughter how much she is loved. Awwww!

Meghan was so delighted by her father’s meticulous care of Chance that she uploaded his texts to Twitter where they have received more than 170,000 likes and 45,000 re-tweets!

Gramps has rightfully earned his Twitter fame, but Meghan still had to explain the meaning of the term “viral” to him!

Congratulations Meghan’s dad! You are iHeartDogs’ un-official Dog Grandpa of the Year!


H/T to Bored Panda

All Photos via Twitter/Meghan Specksgoor

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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