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Dog Left at The Pier By Owner Waits There For A Whole Month

Written by: Clarisse Q
Clarisse is an effective freelance SEO writer for a dog magazine, combining her deep passion for animals with her professional skills. Her hands-on experience with rescued cats and stray dogs enriches her writing, enabling her to create engaging and informative content that resonates with pet parents and animal lovers.Read more
| Published on May 29, 2024

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” due to their deep loyalty and companionship, and this story beautifully illustrates why. A dog in Bangkok, Thailand, displayed an extraordinary sense of loyalty by waiting for over a month at a pier, hoping for the return of her owner.

The dog, who was eventually named Tha Reua, meaning “pier” in English, became a familiar sight at the pier. It’s believed that she might have accidentally fallen from a boat while with her owner and ended up waiting at the pier where the incident occurred, hoping to be reunited.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Thanawan Tongporn, moved by the sight of Tha Reua’s loyal vigil, decided to share her story on social media. The story quickly resonated with many, touching the hearts of people worldwide. To survive, Tha Reua scavenged for food scraps, and thankfully, compassionate strangers also fed her, ensuring she did not go hungry.

Despite the kindness of strangers, Tha Reua continued to return to the pier every day, looking out for her owner who, unfortunately, never came back. Her owner’s fate remained unknown, adding a layer of sadness to her wait.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

The story took a positive turn when Thanawan, touched by the dog’s situation, decided to adopt Tha Reua. She brought her into her home, providing her with a loving environment where she could finally feel safe and cared for. Thanawan continued to update the online community about Tha Reua, sharing pictures and stories of her new life, which brought joy to those who followed her journey.

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