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Dog Owner Warns Others After Puppy Nearly Dies From Ingesting Pot At Dog Park


When Hannah Puzas brought her two French Bulldogs to a local dog park in Seattle, she had no idea that hours later, one of them would be fighting for his life.

A little while later, Puzas’ 1-year-old pup, named Jaques, began acting lethargic, shaky, and even started dribbling urine. Realizing something was terribly wrong, she rushed him to the nearest emergency clinic.

Watch a clip on the new story below (warning: it briefly shows Jaques while he was suffering from symptoms):

The vet recognized the symptoms because, sadly, they see the scenario shockingly often: Jaques likely ingested some marijuana that he’d found at the park, and it was toxic to his small body.

Although dogs can benefit from CBD oil in appropriate doses, consuming too much of the stuff can be deadly. In a story by KOMO news, Dr. Clare Foley, whose vet clinic sees multiple cases like this a month, explained:

“It can be really serious, it is all dose dependent, and it also has a lot to do with the size of the pet. It can actually slow the heart rate and the respiratory rate so much that the pet could pass away.”

The pooch was treated with fluids and charcoal, and amazingly, he pulled through. Puzas is thankful that her beloved dog is alright, but it’s hard to know that he suffered because of the actions of a careless human. She told KOMO news:

“It’s just frustrating because this is something that could have been totally prevented.”

The dog mom wants to warn others about this scary scenario, one that many pet parents may have never even considered.

“Clean up after yourselves,” Puzas said in the story. “Marijuana is legal, but it’s not legal to throw your trash anywhere. Nor is it considerate.”

(h/t: KOMO news)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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