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Dog Returns to Shelter Just One Day After Being Adopted, After 900 Days of Waiting

Written by: Clarisse Q
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| Published on June 16, 2024

Sora, a mixed breed of black Labrador and Pitbull, has been a resident at Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California, the region’s largest no-euthanasia animal shelter, for nearly four years. Originally surrendered by her previous owner in July 2021 due to a need for more attention and training than they could provide, Sora’s stay at the shelter has been long and largely unnoticed by potential adopters.

Recently, hope sparked briefly for Sora as she was adopted after spending more than 900 days at the shelter. However, this hope was dashed when she was returned to the shelter in less than a day.

The shelter shared their enthusiasm in a Facebook post about Sora’s adoption, describing her as “a sweet pup with great energy and a perfect fit for any active household.” Sora was looking forward to her new life, filled with long walks and bike rides. Unfortunately, her happiness was short-lived, as she was returned the very next day.

Image Source Credit via Facebook

“Sora did not get enough time to decompress in her new home and was introduced to new family members too quickly,” explained Sim Kaur from Valley Animal Center in an interview with Newsweek.

The rapid return was a heavy blow to Sora, who had already endured over 900 days in a kennel, and it left her heartbroken once more.

Despite the setback, the shelter remains optimistic about finding a forever home for Sora, where she can receive the love and stability she needs. Living in a shelter cannot replace the warmth and affection of a family, and the shelter staff, including certified dog trainer Mariah Prudhume, believe that Sora’s mental health would significantly improve in a loving environment. They hope to see her transform into the “happy and goofy dog she is meant to be,” as noted in their Instagram post.

Image Source Credit via Facebook

Sora is described as a beautiful and lovable dog who gets along well with humans and children over five years old. However, she requires a home without other pets and needs a family committed to her training and well-being. The shelter continues to advocate for Sora, hoping that the next person to take her home will be her true forever family, one that will never give up on her.

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