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Dog Saves Woman Who Has A Heart Attack In The Middle Of The Night

via ITV News
via ITV News

Dogs and their owners are often considered best friends, and for good reason. Whether your pup serves as the most adorable alarm clock you could imagine or your go-to snuggle buddy, dogs really are the ideal companion. But for Joanna Mellor, her dog Leo is more than just a best friend…he’s a literal lifesaver.

When Joanna suddenly stopped breathing in the middle of the night, Leo knew right away that something was wrong. The attentive black lab alerted Joanna’s boyfriend andrew, who quickly called for help. it was Leo the Labrador who alerted her boyfriend Andrew that there was a problem.

In a dramatic call to 999 (Britain’s emergency call number),  Andrew can be heard saying: “She’s dying, she’s dying.” The operator realized Joanna was actually having a heart attack, and helped Andrew give her CPR while they waited for help to arrive.

The quick attention to her health saved Joanna’s life. Despite being clinically dead for 45 minutes, doctors were able to revive the young woman and kickstart her recovery. Were it not for Leo’s immediate reaction to his best friend’s failing health, the situation could have been much worse. Such an incredibly strong sense of friendship that exists between dogs and their owners…it’s truly inspiring. To learn more about Joanna’s amazing story, click here.

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