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Big Dog Throws Hilarious Tantrum When His Humans Call Him A Baby

Some dogs know they’re the baby, and they’re perfectly happy being pampered and cradled and spoiled. This Boxer is not one of those dogs.

The poor, loving, big dog in this video just wanted to sit in his dad’s lap and have a cuddle, and he’s being subjected to taunts. They ask him, “Are you a Boxer? Or are you a baby?”

Don’t you worry about him, though. He defends himself and sets them straight – he is NOT a baby. Just a very large dog who likes to be close to his person. Other dogs can have all the baby talk they want. This Boxer expects to be treated like an adult, and will not stand for it!

Can you just imagine him stomping his feet and shouting “I am NOT a baby”?  His protest is heard loud and clear and he earns himself an apology and a peck on the nose for putting up with his human’s playful teasing!

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Written by Adriana Sandoval

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