Panic-Stricken Dog Comes Running To Mom At Night And Begs Her To Follow Him

| Published on May 10, 2023

The Brousseau family had adopted Duke, their dog, from a shelter located in Portland, Connecticut. Despite being miserable while living in the shelter, Duke gradually transformed into the ideal companion for the family. After six years, Duke found a way to express his gratitude in the most heartwarming way possible to the Brousseau family.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: ABC News via YouTube Video


After the birth of their daughter Harper, Duke had become very protective of her. One night, while the family was asleep, Duke rushed to his parent’s room, jumped on their bed, and started shaking uncontrollably. Despite their commands, he refused to calm down until his mother sensed his panic and asked him what was wrong.


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: ABC News via YouTube Video


Duke brought his parents to Harper’s room when he noticed that the 9-week-old baby was not breathing. The family quickly took the baby to the emergency room where the doctors were able to save Harper’s life just in time. Duke felt relieved and calm only after confirming that his sister was breathing normally and doing well.


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: ABC News via YouTube Video


The family is thankful to Duke for alerting them in time and believes their pet dog is a hero. Duke, however, remains unaware of his heroic deed. They hope Duke’s story will motivate others to adopt rescue dogs known for their bravery and loyalty.


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