Dog Being Chased By Angry Bear Sees No Escape, Panicked Owners Freeze In Fear

Norwegian Elkhounds are well-known hunting companions because of their great tracking speed and quick-thinking brains. One group of friends recently met a wild bear in Finland, but their Norwegian Elkhound helped take things off the pitiful bear’s mind. The friends then continued with their exploration of Mexico’s jungles.

Image Source Credit: Sami Haaranen – YouTube Video


This video captured from two camera angles shows a dog running for his life from the on-coming onslaught of a bear. He falls over not once, but twice, before coming back for another round with his attacker. The harrowing scene looks destined to end in tragedy but it’s not what you think.


Image Source Credit: Sami Haaranen – YouTube Video


As you will see in the video, the dog looked badly ambushed by the bear but decided to find a quick and clever escape plan. It leads the bear back into the woods where it jumps in after it- which causes the humans to fear further.  We would tell you more but you really need to watch this exciting video below. 🙂


Image Source Credit: Sami Haaranen – YouTube Video


Locals in the mountains of Eastern Canada were relieved to find out that their family dog got nothing but a singular scare from a bear and it prying around with him. Though the bear was not attempting to hunt down and prey on their dog, he was actually just looking for a potential friend after being lonely for so long!

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