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Dog’s Ears “Dance” Along To Her Favorite Song

What do you do when your favorite song comes on the radio? This four-year-old German Shepard named Jaxon Rose likes to boogie. Whenever Flo Rida’s song “Low” turns on, this sweet pup can’t help but get her groove on. We can’t blame Jaxson Rose, this song makes us tap our toes and bop our heads when we hear it, too!

Jaxon’s human, Stephanie Walton noticed that when this popular song hit the airwaves, her pup couldn’t help but move.

Jaxon Rose 2

In this hilarious video, Jaxon sits in the front seat of a car. Walton turns on the tunes. With a little help from her human, Jaxon begins to dance. She sits at attention in the passenger seat of the car and “moves” her ears to the beat of the popular song.

After you watch it a time or two, you’ll see that Jaxon isn’t really moving her ears. Stephanie assisted the movement. A very clever camera trick also helped. Nevertheless, the video is hilarious and entertaining.

We aren’t the only ones who love watching Jaxon. The video even earned her a little piece of stardom. She and Stephanie went on a trip from their hometown of Marion, Indiana, to Los Angeles to be featured on a television special. She supported a fantastic cause for dogs in need. Jaxon appeared on FOX’s Cause for Paws Thanksgiving show hosted by Jane Lynch and Hillary Swank. The special brought attention to dogs that have been rescued or need adoption.

This viral video also earned Jaxon Rose a nomination for Weirdest Dog Talent in the Golden Bone TV special.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, Jaxon Rose met Betty White and her video appeared on the Good Morning America. This German Shepard is a star!

Jaxon’s mom Stephanie told Fox News, “It was an amazing experience, nothing like having Betty White take a selfie with your dog!”

Jaxon’s video went viral: attracting more than 376,000 views. We have to admit, we watched Jaxon moving to the beat more than once because the video is that adorable. Watch this sweet pup move her ears to the beat below.

iHeartDogs: Some readers have expressed concern that this dog’s ears are moving because the music is too loud. We notice that the ears aren’t just being flicked along to the words (not the beat)- they’re also moving in perfect circles along with the music at some parts! (See :37 seconds in!)

It’s likely that someone’s hand is behind her ears, but we’re glad our readers are willing to speak out when they suspect that a dog’s discomfort is being shared for amusement!

H/T: I Love My Dog So Much

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Written by Samantha H
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