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Dog’s Extra Bit Of Fat Saved Her Life Against Bear Attack

It’s common knowledge that obesity can shorten a dog’s life, but a little extra chub isn’t bad. In Frika’s case, it saved her life!

Frika lives in Altamonte Springs, Florida, where she and her owner, Eric Yaughn count black bears among their neighbors. During a routine pee-break in their yard, a bear appeared and took a swipe at Fricka. Eric thought he had lost her right then and there, but she survived, and they both escaped into their home with the bear just inches behind them.

Frika was rushed straight to the vet, who told Eric that had it not been for the extra bit of cushion around her middle, Fricka might not have made it! Eric told WSVN, “The vet said she’s just really hearty. She said the extra layer of fat kept the bear’s claw from tearing out her intestines.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean fattening up our dogs is going to make them invincible, but a little fluff helped Frika out! She’s all patched up and should heal just fine.


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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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