Dolphin Pod Saves Humpback Mama & Calf From Aggressive Male Whales

Because you love dogs, you already know the animal kingdom is a place of instinct and wonder. Whether they’re furry or finned, some animals just sense when another is in need of help and come to their aid no matter the difference in their species.

In an amazing incident off the coast of Australia, a pod of dolphins put this into action, lending their aid to a mother Humpback whale and her young calf in distress.

Whale Watch WA/YouTube

As they were cruising along, the dolphins spied male humpback whales aggressing the mom and her baby. Attempts to mate with the mother could very easily lead to the separation of mom and calf. And a lost whale baby can’t survive without its mom. Seeing this distress playing out, the dolphins hopped into the fray right away to save the mom and her little one. Whale Watch WA members caught the whole incredible encounter on video.

A Mother’s Protection Knows No Bounds

Whale Watch WA shared the story of a mother Humpback whale, Spirit, and her calf, Sunny to show “how a Humpback Mother will defend her calf by all means necessary, including using our vessel as a protective barrier and the help of some heroic Dolphins.”

On a viewing cruise in Flinders Bay, Augusta, amazed whale watchers witnessed a triumph in motherhood and collaboration when Spirit was accosted by five interested males. But her only concern was keeping baby Sunny close. Another mom and calf swam nearby, and together the two worked for over half an hour to keep the boys at bay and the babes safe.

Whale Watch WA/YouTube

“The females did not seem to want to leave each other even though one of them had the opportunity to swim away, she returned back to the side of the second mother and calf seeming to understand the desperation of the situation,” Whale Watch WA explained.

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But once Spirit was able to corral Sunny between her body and the whale watch boat, the second mom and her baby swam for safety.

“Spirit pushed Sunny so close to us his body rubbed up against our hull as she blocked the approach of the males and protected her calf from being crushed.”

Whale Watch WA/YouTube

“We could hear the distress in her exhalation as she trumpeted towards the males in aggression and Sunny was doing everything he could to follow mum’s directions.”

The situation was tense, and Spirit was tiring.

Whale Watch WA/YouTube

Help Arrives on Sleek Fins

Suddenly, a pod of Bottlenose dolphins rushed in to help Spirit and Sunny, surrounding the pair and acting as “bodyguards.”

“One of the dolphins was even sighted flashing their mouth wide and showing off his teeth towards the male Humpback!”

And with the dolphins on the scene, a shift in energy rippled through all the marine mammals involved. Even among the aggressing males, the balance shifted when a young male made a run for Spirit. An older male intercepted the approach, realizing he should help this mother and her baby rather than plague them. He takes up a place at Spirit’s side and escorts them away from the other males and the whale-watching boat.

Whale Watch WA/YouTube

Delighted to witness the amazing act, the whale group shared, “Being in a position to be accepted by the female Humpback to assist in saving her calf from immediate danger is something we will always treasure and a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Such a moment reveals the majesty of nature. It also proves “no situation is too great for these whales to find a way to adapt and succeed and we can all be inspired by that!”

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Watch the amazing experience below!

Feature Image: Whale Watch WA/YouTube

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