Dad Opens Box And Bursts Into Tears When He Gets His Christmas Wish

Doug, a loving and devoted father, took in a foster dog named Mary. He knew from the beginning that Mary would move on to a forever home and not to get too attached. He explains in the video below that he did his best to keep emotionally distant, but his heart had other plans.

Screenshot via YouTube

Seeing her husband fall deeper in love with Mary despite trying not to, Doug’s wife reached out to the rescue group. She explained over text that her husband is totally in love with Mary… and Mary is totally in love with Doug. Her goal was to keep Doug and Mary together even though this wasn’t supposed to happen.


The rescue group agreed that Mary was exactly where she belonged and gave Doug’s wife the green light. Christmas was coming up and Doug made it crystal clear that all he wanted was to officially adopt Mary.

Screenshot via YouTube

On Christmas Day, Doug was handed a box. It contained Mary’s new collar which was engraved with her name, her new address, and her new phone number– which was Doug’s address and phone number! The box also had Mary’s official adoption papers inside! Doug cried happy tears. He reached out to Mary and gave her the biggest hug. The full story of this foster fail is the only thing you need to see today!

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