Mom Replaced Babies Dog Lost With Lookalikes But It Only Hurt Him More

Duke is a compassionate, loving Pit Bull that proves his breed is nothing like the stigma attached. Duke’s mama took in orphaned baby chickens and Duke fell madly in love with the little fluffs.

In fact, the sweet dog couldn’t start his day without saying hello to his avian babies first.

Screenshot via YouTube

His mama would say the word “chickies” and Duke, no matter what he was doing, would look up all wide-eyed and excited! It began as good morning visits, but then Duke’s mom couldn’t get him to leave his chicks to go to bed at night! Duke was adorably obsessed!

Screenshot via YouTube

Duke lay beside their bin and refused to leave them. He felt responsible for their well-being. He basically adopted the chickens as his own and became the “mama” that they lost. His mom would tell Duke it was time for bed but he wanted to stay with them all night long. Eventually, after his name was called several times, he’d walk to his mom with his head down as if he were being taken away from his children.

Screenshot via YouTube

As the baby chickens grew up, Duke’s mom had to relocate them to her friend’s house. She had no choice, the chickens weren’t allowed in her home anymore. Duke became depressed. His mom had to do something to help him so she got extra creative. To see what happens next, check out the video.

We are madly in love with Duke and you will be too!

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