Educate The Masses: Common Assumptions About Dogs Explained

shutterstock_140360833Dog owners are often stopped and asked questions about their fur children. Most often it’s from non-dog owners that are curious about certain things. When this happens, it should be looked upon as a teaching moment, a time to educate the inquisitive. With a little more knowledge and less assumptions, our dogs could be safe from human ignorance.Halti, head collar, martingale does not equal muzzleThe other day, while walking my dog through the park, I came across a rather chatty fellow who attempted to walk and talk with me. Trying not to be rude and keeping my paranoid dog calm at the same time, I explained to the man that my dog wasn’t fond of strangers, especially strangers in hats and glasses, both of which he was wearing. He pointed to my dog and asked if that’s why I put a muzzle on her. Suppressing a sigh, I patiently explained what a head collar was and quickly excused myself, putting distance between my dog and the stranger.Pitbull, Staffie, Boxer? Would the dangerous breed please stand up?Every day various breeds get discriminated against because they are assumed to be a pitbull, or pit mix. 90% of the population couldn’t pick a pitbull out of a line up. Play the game and see if you can Find The Pitbull. It is up to us, the knowledgeable to educate those that have been misinformed. All dogs are capable of biting and mauling people. Just as all dogs are capable of love and loyalty.Dry nose, sick dog?People seem convinced that a dog’s nose is a good barometer for overall health, when in fact a dry nose may just mean a dry nose. Dog’s often have a dry nose when they wake up. Most canines don’t lick their noses in their sleep, so their noses remain dry. A dry nose may also indicate dehydration or allergies. Dogs suffer from hay fever, just like humans.What kind of animal enjoys the taste of poo?A large percentage of dog’s enjoy snacking on feces. Whether it is out of the litter box, their own from the back yard or goose droppings in the park, it’s a treat for them to have a bit of a nibble. Technically called Coprophangia, there are several theories on why dogs do this, and more suggestions to curb this unwanted behavior. Diet and nutrition are at the top of the list for both reason and resolution. With proper diet, a dog’s nutritional needs are met and he won’t be compelled to recycle his waste.

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