Pup Watches Over Unidentified Egg For 28 Days To See What’s Inside

Erica’s dogs found a ‘mystery’ egg on their large property in Maine. Erica had no idea what type of bird the egg belonged to. She diligently searched online and figured out that this egg likely contained a baby turkey. She placed the egg in an incubator and waited for the little one to come into the world.

Screenshot via YouTube

Erica’s dogs watched over the egg in the sweetest way. And when it was time for the egg to hatch, everyone got quite excited. The baby turkey was so small! Erica soon figured out that baby turkeys are loving, affectionate creatures. The tiny fluffy bird loved to snuggle! Who would’ve expected that?!

Screenshot via YouTube

The baby turkey grew up fast! She started out smaller than a handful but before long the growing turkey needed a bigger space. Erica and her partner had to build a sizeable enclosure. Then, Erica got another surprise that made her favorite turkey VERY happy! See all the cuteness and find out the surprise in the video below.

Screenshot via YouTube

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