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Watch As This Man Climbs Out A Window 13 Floors High To Rescue A Dog!

In Bogota, Columbia, a man risked his life to save a neighbor’s dog, who was dangling out a window, 13 floors from the ground. Held only by her hips and back legs through the rails on a balcony, this pup’s grip could’ve slipped at any moment.

When Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez heard that his next-door-neighbor’s dog Luna was in a dire situation, he didn’t think twice to help. He first tried to notify his neighbor, who wasn’t home, and he couldn’t access the dog from inside the apartment because the door was locked. He then tried to nudge Luna back through the bars with a broom, but to no avail.

Jimenez had only one option left: to reach Luna from the outside.

A downstairs neighbor let him through their window, directly under Luna. A crowd gathered below, and someone even brought out a mattress, “just in case.” He climbed out onto the ledge and up into the balcony, and thankfully, pulled the pup to safety!

Watch the nail-biting footage below:

Amazing! It’s no wonder this video has gotten almost 4 million views!

“When I had Luna in my hands and looked down, a thousand thoughts flew through my mind. My girlfriend was a little upset, yelling at me ‘You stay there! Do not climb back down!'” Jimenez told The Dodo.

After about an hour, Luna’s owner returned, and when she heard about the rescue, became emotional.

“She was in tears. She is very grateful, because she just adores that dog,” Jimenez said in the article.

What a hero! Would you scale a ledge a dozen floors off the ground to rescue a dog?

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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