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From The Vet: 3 Human Snacks That You Can Share With Your Dog

| Published on November 30, 2016

Fortunately dogs do not crave salty fattening snacks like some of us (specifically me) do. They tend to be more opportunistic eaters and are grateful to get a taste of whatever we offer. If you indulge in salty, greasy snacks, it is not great to share those, but you can choose from the better alternatives and be healthy for you both. Read on for some of our favorite snacks to share with our dogs!



Blueberries are tiny powerhouses. They are low calorie and not too sweet. They are bite sized and contain a variety of good things from anti-oxidants to vitamin C. Be sure to wash them before you eat them, but you can eat and share them without guilt. Sometimes freezing the berries makes them a novel treat. If your dog will eat blueberries, they are an excellent choice.



Popcorn that is air popped and has no salt or butter is a reasonable choice to share. Popcorn has fiber and is low calorie. It is not too strong in the way of nutrients, but can be shared with your dog in reasonable quantities. Limiting portions is easy because you can offer it one kernel at a time and your dog is delighted with each one.


Puffed Rice

Puffed Rice or rice cakes can be a crunchy snack that gives your mouth something to do while you are watching your weight.  Organic options and options that have no additives are the best choices, but be aware of what rice cakes are and what they are not. They contain very few vitamins and no protein at all. They are only a snack and that goes for your dog too. Break cakes into small pieces and feed one at a time.  Be sure that you never give them in place of a balanced meal.

These options are light finger foods that can satisfy cravings and be fun for you and your dog to share. Remember, keep portions small because treats are not meant to replace balanced meals and if you can ask your dog to do something (like sit or shake hands), you can use them as rewards to help solidify training too. Learning, bonding and fun with snacks you can feel good about- how can you beat that?

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