Gary Sinise Created An Initiative For Police And Military Dogs On Veterans Day

Veterans Day is the perfect day to honor all the veterans for their service. It is important that we thank them and give them the recognition they deserve. However, many people forget that there are also some brave dogs that should be thanked as well. So, to help bring attention to these courageous canines, famous actor and director, Gary Sinise has created an amazing initiative specifically for the dogs of Veterans Day.

Sinise already has an amazing organization called the Gary Sinise Foundation. His foundation honors veterans, defenders, first responders, and all their families. To do this, he creates events and shares lots of information to educate and inspire the world.

Image: @GarySiniseFoundation/Facebook

The Gary Sinise Foundation does all sorts of different things to help people who have served. They provide meals for defenders across the country, build smart homes for wounded heroes, and so much more. So, Sinise decided to go even further and add heroic dogs to his list of people and animals that he can help.

Veterinarians for Valor

While there are already so many people that have benefited from the Gary Sinise Foundation, he wanted to reach out even further. So, he created “Veterinarians for Valor” to help honor and raise money for the amazing dogs out there as well.

For this new initiative, veterinarians from Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences have partnered with the Gary Sinise Foundation. They will provide free medical care for police K-9s as well as service dogs that help first responders, veterans, and those in the military.

Image: @GarySiniseFounation/Facebook

To help with this cause, people are encouraged to donate. These incredible dogs do so much for the world, and many veterans and other officials wouldn’t be where they are today without a brave dog by their side. So, it is important that these dogs get the medical care they need.  

Donations can be made just once, or you can even set up a monthly donation if you’d like. To leave a donation, you just need to fill out some basic personal information, and then decide how much you’d like to give. If there’s someone on your mind while helping this cause, you can choose to leave a donation in memory or in honor of them.

If you would like to help out with this amazing initiative, visit the Gary Sinise Foundation website to donate. Every donation matters, and the more dogs that can receive this medical assistance, the better.

Image: @garysinise/Facebook

Featured Image: @garysinise/Facebook

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