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Guide Dog Saves His Blind Owner’s Life After Falling Onto Train Tracks


Cecil Williams, a 60-year-old man who became blind in 1995, was waiting at the train station to go visit his doctor. While waiting there with his guide dog, Orlando, he began to feel ill. Orlando tried to keep Williams from falling, but was unable to and Williams fell down onto the train tracks. Orlando immediately went down by his side, barking frantically and trying to get Williams to stand up. Witnesses began trying to help, but an express train was already headed down the tracks.

Orlando woke Williams up by licking his face and a transportation worker jumped into action. With the train coming, he urged Williams and Orlando to keep their heads down and stay between the rails. One and a half train cars passed over them but miraculously, they were unharmed outside of a few scrapes and bruises. Outside of the emotional shock of the entire ordeal, the two have recovered nicely.

Williams knows it’s time for Orlando to retire as he’s given a decade of hard work, even without the train incident. Donations were made to Williams so that he could get a new, younger guide dog and let Orlando retire with him in peace. We’re so happy to report that Williams and Orlando are alive and safe after the recent events and that this trusty guide dog gets the retirement life he deserves. He’s a perfect example of why we consider dogs our best friends!

Cover photo: A Generous Thought

Written by Katie Finlay
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