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Handsome Boy Wants Forever Home for 4th Birthday

American Shelter Dogs wear many badges of honor: loyal friend, survivor, heart stealer, and family completer. One designation that all shelter residents hope to avoid is “Longest Running Resident.” For whatever reason, the right family has not come along to provide these overlooked pups a forever home. In Allegan County Michigan, the Allegan County Animal Shelter has been the temporary home for Lab Mix Rudy. As he approaches his 4th birthday and 350th day in the shelter, his one and only birthday wish is to find his forever family. Let’s see what we can do to help this handsome boy!

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Rudy’s Long Stay is Taking a Toll

Rudy has been at the shelter for nearly 350 days. Next month, he will reach his one year anniversary. a milestone that shelter director Susan Smith says is best avoided. Dogs are very resilient beings but they need lots of attention and love to thrive. With a staff spread thin across all of the animals in need of care, it’s not possible to give Rudy, or anyone else, all of the one-on-one needed to really thrive. Susan says that Rudy’s long stay is starting to take its toll. Rudy is getting depressed and needs the full support of a loving family to feel his best.

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Must Love Throwing Balls

If you are looking for a playful, energetic dog that will fetch a tennis ball no matter how many times you throw it, Rudy is your guy! He loves fetch the best but also enjoys playing with stuffed toys. He is a real water bug who enjoys swimming or simply splashing around in a kiddie pool. Rudy will enthusiastically oblige any of your play time choices.

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Would Make an Excellent Running/Hiking Partner

Rudy would be an ideal partner for someone looking to get outside and be active. With plenty of energy to burn, Rudy will keep up with you and help you reach those step and speed goals. Whether hitting the pavement or trails, Rudy would be delighted to exercise by your side. He loves riding in cars, too, so getting him around is super easy!

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Rudy’s Ideal Family

Rudy would do best in a family with kids 12 and older who are home regularly and willing to give Rudy the exercise and attention he needs. At almost 4 years old, he is house trained and knows basic commands but after so much time in the shelter, he will need someone who can work with him on fine tuning his basic skills. Rudy really needs to be the only pet in his family.

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Know Anyone Who Should Meet Rudy?

If you know anyone that might like to grant Rudy’s 4th birthday wish, please encourage them to go meet this handsome boy in person. An online application for Rudy can be filled out prior to meeting him to help expedite the process.

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Written by Kristen Cudd
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