Harry Styles Refuses To Watch Emma Corrin’s Dog For Bizarre Reason

Singer Harry Styles has a strong bond to animals, even the ones he’s never met before. The former OneDirection member has been spotted feeding a fan’s fish and even watching a stranger’s dog while they picked up food at a restaurant. Now, it seems that he’s also taken on the title of “celebrity dogsitter.”

The Crown star Emma Corrin recently revealed that Styles watched her dog Spencer once. However, it didn’t exactly go as planned. After an unusual night with Corrin’s dog, Styles quickly chose to never dogsit for her again. The reasoning behind it is strange, but also very amusing.

Harry Styles dogsitter
Image: @rorydcarroll/Twitter

A Rumor Confirmed

Corrin recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss the new season of The Crown. But Jimmy Fallon had a more interesting question to address first. He wanted to know if the rumors about Styles being Corrin’s dog walker were true. Corrin grinned when she heard the question.

“Sort of. He once dogsat for me,” Corrin responded. “I think [that] is the wonderful thing about it, that for a dog it’s just a person.”

Emma Corrin and Spencer
Image: @emmalouisecorrin/Instagram

For Spencer the dog, having a Grammy-winning musician didn’t even phase him. In fact, Corrin soon revealed that Spencer wasn’t even on his best behavior for the star. She explained that Styles watched Spencer for her while she went out to dinner nearby. But after one night, he kindly told her that he would never dogsit for her again. Corrin suspects that it’s because Spencer had a strange habit around his new dogsitter.

Dogsitting Gone Wrong

During Corrin’s dinner that night, she received an unexpected text from Styles. She told Fallon that she thinks the message explains why Styles no longer wants to watch Spencer.

Emma Corrin cuddling dog
Image: @emmalouisecorrin/Instagram

“I think it’s because halfway through the meal I got a message that just said, ‘He won’t stop farting is this normal?'” Corrin said.

Corrin couldn’t help but laugh as she said it. Then, Fallon added a joke of his own, asking “was it from Spencer or Harry?” Corrin jokingly said Spencer, teasing that her dog was the one who didn’t want to put up with Styles again.

It looks like Corrin will have to find a new dogsitter for Spencer in the future. Luckily, due to the coronavirus, she hasn’t had to leave her pup alone too often. She has even shared cute photos of her and Spencer playing card games together on Instagram. That’s one unique way to spend quarantine! Hopefully, Spencer (or Harry) has gotten his farting under control by now.

Emma Corrin and Dog playing cards
Image: @emmalouisecorrin/Instagram

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Featured Image: @Gucci/Facebook and @emmalouisecorrin/Instagram

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