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Have You Seen Where Your Dog Food is Made?

When you think about a facility that produces dog food, do images of conveyer belts, giant vats,  and push brooms removing sloppy waste from the floor may come to mind? Dog food and dog food factories don’t always inspire confidence in people, especially when we are constantly bombarded with recalls, warnings, and health scares surrounding the industry.

Well, get ready for a breath of fresh air. The facility where NomNomNow cooks their fresh food for pets is squeaky clean, high tech, and makes food so delicious that our co-founder tried it himself!

They Don’t Produce Dog Food, They Cook Dog Food

NomNomNow isn’t in the business of food production. They are in the business of meal design, preparation, and cooking. Minor distinction? Not really.

Mass production is focused on finding the cheapest ingredients that can be transformed into a product that will have the longest possible shelf life. It’s big business, and you can bet that many companies aren’t too focused on how their end product impacts the health of your pet. It’s all about the dollars. Sad, but true.

At NomNomNow, the buyers source human-grade ingredients from suppliers that stock restaurant kitchens. Rather than transforming those ingredients into something unrecognizable from their component parts, they gently and carefully cook them, preserving the nutrients, texture, and taste. When you open a serving of NomNomNow, you don’t have to guess what’s inside. You can see it. You can smell it. And if you want to, you (yes, you) can eat it!

As for shelf life? NomNomNow is interested in feeding your pet healthy, nutrient-dense meals to help extend your pet’s lifetime, not preserving foods that will last a lifetime. They start from scratch each and every week, sourcing, cooking, packing, and delivering fresh food to your door.

Prepared, Portioned, and Packed On-Site

Every week, fresh ingredients arrive at the NomNomNow facility for preparation. Small batches of chopped and diced ingredients are cooked to perfection, sealing in the crunchiness of a green bean along with the nutrients that are usually lost in high-heat mass production.

Every NomNomNow customer has an online profile that is dynamic. As your dog’s physical characteristics change (and they will!), your dog’s profile changes with your input. NomNomNow portions each serving of your dog’s scheduled menu according to his or her specific dietary needs. Those portions are vacuum-sealed and shipped in a cold pack, right to your door. And it’s all done right there at NomNomNow’s own facility.

Squeaky Clean, No Giant Machines

The NomNomNow fresh food facility is unlike any other in the industry. It feels more like a restaurant kitchen than a production line. There are ovens, not vats. The floors are gleaming. The staff are properly outfitted for sanitation and get this: they are smiling! But don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself.

There are so many reasons why NomNomNow is a standout when it comes to pet food. From the ingredients they source to the methods they employ in cooking those ingredients to the facility itself, NomNomNow is heads and tails above the rest. It’s food so good a human can eat it. The iHeartDog’s community can now get 50% off of  your first order at NomNomNow!

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Written by Kristen Cudd
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