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Heartbreaking Cries of Abandoned Dog Stella Echo Through the Streets of Atlanta

Written by: Russel Moneva
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| Published on June 3, 2024

In the bustling streets of Atlanta, a compassionate neighbor witnessed a heartbreaking sight that would stir the emotions of anyone who saw it: Stella, a forlorn and confused dog, was wandering aimlessly after being heartlessly abandoned by her owner. For years, Stella had been exploited solely for breeding, and when she was no longer considered useful, she was discarded without a hint of remorse or consideration. This callous act left Stella not only homeless but emotionally scarred, setting the stage for a journey that would test her resilience and capacity for healing.


Animal control soon found Stella, a skittish and deeply scarred dog, both physically and emotionally. Her traumatic past had left her unable to socialize properly, making her a difficult candidate for rehoming. With no other options available, Stella was placed on the euthanasia list, her future looking increasingly bleak.

However, a glimmer of hope appeared when the dedicated team at LifeLine Animal Project, based in Atlanta, Georgia, learned of Stella’s plight. These compassionate individuals were determined to give Stella the chance she so desperately needed. They rescued her from the brink of death, providing her with immediate care and a safe place to stay. Despite the immense challenges posed by her past, the volunteers at LifeLine Animal Project refused to give up on Stella.

Recognizing that Stella required specialized care, LifeLine Animal Project partnered with Fly With Me Animal Rescue. Together, they ensured Stella had a secure and loving environment where she could begin her long journey of recovery. The collaborative effort aimed to prepare Stella for the day she would be ready to find a permanent, loving home.


The turning point in Stella’s life came when Krista Keough stumbled upon her picture on the rescue’s Instagram page. That very night, Krista experienced an unusual and vivid dream. In her dream, she was running on a beach with her sister and her sister’s dog. To her surprise, when she looked down, she saw a gray and white dog, one that seemed to call out to her heart.

Driven by a sense of destiny, Krista knew she had to meet Stella. The very next day, she arranged a visit. From the moment they met, an unbreakable bond formed between them. Stella, as if sensing that Krista was her true “hooman,” gently placed her head into Krista’s arms. It was a profound moment of connection, signaling the start of their journey together.

Krista took Stella home, where she decided to initially keep her separated from her other dog, Apollo. She wanted to ensure Stella felt as safe and comfortable as possible in her new surroundings. During these first few weeks, Krista focused on building trust and providing Stella with the stability she had never known.


Stella’s trauma manifested in a heart-wrenching bark whenever she felt threatened or encountered new situations. Her behavior resembled that of a guard dog, constantly on edge, as if trying to protect herself from the haunting memories of her past. Krista patiently worked with Stella, offering her love and reassurance at every step.

Slowly but surely, Stella began to change. With Krista’s unwavering support and affection, Stella started to open up. She and Apollo were carefully introduced, and over time, they developed a deep and inseparable friendship. The once-skittish dog began to show her true, spirited nature. She loved to play, run around the yard, and engage in endless zoomies, her joyous energy shining through despite occasional setbacks.

Stella’s incredible journey of healing and transformation inspired Krista to share their story with the world. She penned a heartfelt book titled “Dear Diary, It’s Me, Stella,” chronicling the moments of despair and the heartwarming triumphs Stella experienced. Through this book, Krista aimed to raise awareness about the resilience and spirit of rescue dogs, highlighting their ability to overcome even the most harrowing of pasts.


Today, Stella thrives in her loving home with Krista and Apollo. Though she occasionally grapples with memories of her past, Krista’s steadfast love ensures that Stella never feels alone or abandoned again. Stella now finds solace and safety in her mom’s lap, living a life filled with love, care, and the joy she always deserved.

Stella’s story is a powerful testament to the impact of compassion and the transformative power of love. It serves as a reminder that every dog, no matter how broken, has the potential for a happy and fulfilling life when given a second chance. Stella’s journey from abandonment to a loving home is a beacon of hope for all rescue animals, demonstrating that with patience, dedication, and love, healing is always possible.

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