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Homeless Dogs Adopted Together Because They Wouldn’t Stop Cuddling

Chewbacca and CC look like an odd couple, but they have showed the world they belong together. The two pups lived together for years with their previous owner, but were relinquished to a shelter when the baby in the house became allergic to dogs. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa decided to help find these two a new home, but they knew the pups needed to be adopted together.

Image source: Animal Rescue League of Iowa

They decided to start posting photos of the odd couple on their Facebook page to share how cute these pooches are together. Chewbacca and little CC are pretty much always cuddling when we walk by their kennel – and that usually means CC is somehow draped over Chewy,” they posted. “These two love going on walks and car rides and being involved in whatever you’re doing. They’ve lived with cats and dogs and would be a wonderful fit for a relaxed home. What a perfect pair to share your life with!”

Image source: Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Despite their major size difference, Chewbacca and little CC enjoy spending quality time together. CC like to use Chewbacca as a giant pillow, and the larger pup seems to thoroughly enjoy it. They love going on walks and car rides together. In fact, they simply just love doing everything together as a pair.

Image source: Animal Rescue League of Iowa

The last thing they needed to do together was to be adopted. With the help of The Animal Rescue League of Iowa, they were able to do just that. The dynamic duo found a home with dog lover Amber Wiley. Not only did they find themselves a human that will care for them the rest of their lives, they get to live with two other dogs and three pigs. We’re very excited to see Chewbacca and CC finish out their years together, keeping their undeniable bond stronger than ever.

Image source: Animal Rescue League of Iowa

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Written by Katie Finlay
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