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Homeless Man Dog And His Lost Best Friend Have The Most Joyful Reunion

Our dogs mean as much to us as we do to them, they’re just way cuter at showing it. We have the science to back up the fact that our pups miss us when we’re gone, but the excited jumps and tail wags when we return home make that plenty clear. That’s what makes our reunions with them so special.

It’s also what makes being separated from them so difficult.

Anthony Rogers, an artist in Memphis, Tennessee, ended up homeless after a series of devastating life events, but thankfully he had his best canine friend Bobo to help him get through it. Even if he couldn’t find enough food for himself, he always made sure his pup had something to eat. One day, however, Anthony woke up to find Bobo missing.

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Naturally, he was extremely distraught and contacted friends and anyone who knew Bobo for help. They printed out posters and hung them up around town. The posters indicated where he was last seen and noted specifics like a brown spot on the top of his head.

When a dog matching Bobo’s description showed up at Memphis Animal Services a few weeks later, an employee named Emily recognized him from the posters. She immediately called the number on the poster, and Anthony’s friend gave him a ride to the shelter within minutes of the call.

That’s when the two had the most heartwarming reunion. From the moment Bobo saw Anthony, he began bouncing off the walls – literally.

A video taken at the shelter shows an ecstatic Bobo leaping in and out of Anthony’s arms. It’s clear the two have such a strong, loving relationship.

Dogs reunited with their people after being separated for a long time is everyone’s favorite video genre. That’s for good reason of course. It’s so touching to see the physical love in a dog’s jumps, licks, and tail wags. This reunion definitely tops the list!

Emily Elisabeth/Facebook

The shelter neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped Bobo so he’ll be easier to find if he ever wanders off again. They also returned him to Anthony with a year’s supply of heart worm prevention, a bag of dog food, a harness, and a leash and collar.

While Bobo is healthy and happy today, he’ll need to return to the vet every year to remain like that. So if this video made your eyes water, consider calling 901-746-8758 to donate towards Bobo’s continued care at Utopia Animal Hospital.

H/T: News 7 Boston, TODAY


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Written by Michelle Spies
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