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How to Stop a Maltese Puppy from Biting: A Comprehensive Guide

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on September 13, 2023

The Maltese Puppy, with its cloud-like coat and spirited personality, is a favorite among small breed enthusiasts. While they might seem dainty, these pups are packed with energy and a zest for life. However, with all that enthusiasm, a Maltese Puppy can sometimes express itself with nips and bites. This guide will navigate the intricacies of managing and curbing the biting tendencies of a Maltese Puppy.

1. Understand the Biting Behavior

To approach the challenge with knowledge, it’s essential to identify why a Maltese Puppy might be biting:

  • Teething Troubles: As is the case with many puppies, a Maltese Puppy goes through a teething phase. This can cause them discomfort, making them prone to biting as they seek relief.
  • Playfulness and Curiosity: For a Maltese Puppy, the world is an exciting place. They often resort to using their mouths to explore their surroundings and interact playfully.
  • Attention Seeking: A Maltese Puppy might quickly learn that biting results in immediate attention. This realization can make nipping a frequent behavior.

2. Provide Suitable Chew Toys

Always ensure your Maltese Puppy has access to appropriate chew toys. These toys offer a beneficial outlet for their biting tendencies, especially during their teething phase, and help divert their biting attention from hands or furniture.

3. Introduce Bite Inhibition Early

Teaching a Maltese Puppy about bite inhibition is crucial. If they bite too forcefully during play, emit a sharp yelp. This helps the Maltese Puppy understand the distinction between gentle mouthing and a painful bite, replicating the reactions they would encounter from their siblings.

4. Consistency is Paramount

To make training effective, a uniform reaction to biting is essential. Ensure all family members and frequent visitors are on the same page, offering the Maltese Puppy clear and consistent feedback on their behavior.

5. Prioritize Socialization from a Young Age

Exposing your Maltese Puppy to various environments, pets, and people can prove immensely beneficial. A well-socialized Maltese Puppy is less likely to bite due to fear or anxiety and more apt to interact confidently with the world.

6. Engage in Play that Doesn’t Promote Biting

Choose games that channel the Maltese Puppy’s energy without directly encouraging biting. Fetch is a great option, as are interactive toys and puzzles. While a Maltese Puppy might enjoy a game of tug, always monitor to ensure it doesn’t escalate into aggressive behavior.

7. Use the Time-Out Strategy

If your Maltese Puppy becomes too rough during play, offer a brief time-out by placing them in a calm environment. This pause helps the Maltese Puppy associate excessive biting with a temporary halt in fun activities.

8. Positive Reinforcement is Key

When your Maltese Puppy chooses a toy over biting, or when they display restraint during play, reward them with praise or treats. Positive reinforcements effectively underline the behaviors you wish to see in your Maltese Puppy.

9. Seek Professional Assistance if Required

Should the biting behavior persist or intensify, don’t hesitate to consult a professional dog trainer. They can offer invaluable insights tailored to your Maltese Puppy’s unique needs.

An Online Dog Training Course Can Help Your Maltese to Stop Biting

Our 2 favorite online courses are:

1. SpiritDog’s “Perfect Obedience” Course

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2. K9 Training Institute’s “Dog Masterclass”

More than just an obedience course, this more comprehensive training course tackles any behavior problem you might face with your dog.


Navigating the puppy phase with a Maltese Puppy, while a joy, does come with its set of challenges, including biting. However, with understanding, patience, and the right techniques, you can effectively shape your Maltese Puppy’s behavior. Celebrate the small victories along the journey, and before long, your Maltese Puppy will evolve into a well-behaved, loving companion. With commitment and love, the bond between you and your Maltese Puppy will only grow stronger.

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