Hugh Jackman And His Dogs Grace The Internet

On the big screen, Hugh Jackman plays hard tough guys like X-Men’s Wolverine and Van Helsing. At home though, he turns into a big softie around his two dogs. The actor recently shared photos of himself cuddling with Dali the French Bulldog and Poodle/Terrier mix Allegra on Twitter and Instagram.

The caption reads: “And now back to our regularly scheduled program.” But of course a picture is worth a thousand words, and these joyous smiles speak volumes.


Jackman notoriously loves his little dogs to death. Naturally, his fans are pretty obsessed with them too.

“I’m all for regularly scheduled programmes like this. Doggie kisses are the best. – @karentreend via Instagram

“Now this is the content i signed up for.” -@allthingshugh via Instagram

Made my day. So cute and sweet! Love you three!” -@lovinglyhuey via Instagram

If all famous actors wanted to devote their social media to just pictures of their dogs, that would be just fine with me.

All About Allegra and Dali Jackman

Jackman has had Allegra since 2014. Dali has been in his family since 2011. Jackman’s wife Deborra-Lee Furness explained that his name came from something their son likes.

“My son, [Oscar], is an artist, and his favorite artist is Salvador Dalé, Furness said. Because of the way [the dog’s] mouth curls, he looks like Salvador Dalé with a mustache.”


The two doggies comprise a large part of Jackman’s social media presence. He regularly posts pictures of them and his face shows just how happy they make him. He’s even shared a video of him and Dali slow dancing.


Even though he’s obviously very busy, the actor has said that he has video calls with his dogs when he’s on the road. Sometimes they even get to travel with him.


Jackman also joked in an interview that his dogs might even be more famous than he is.

“Your fans find a way every night to see you. It wasn’t for me. They’re asking about ‘the dogs – when are the dogs coming?’… I get it, they’re way more interesting than me.”


It seems like the next step would be creating a separate account just for them. Unfortunately for us, Jackman never did that, so we have to rely on him posting regular pupdates.

Stuff likes this helps to remind us that actors are just really well-known people. A dog-lover is a dog-lover no matter how famous!

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Featured Image: @RealHughJackman/Twitter


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