Dog Teaches Dad It’s Not Okay To Be Prejudiced When She Falls For Homeless Man

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on December 30, 2022

A Husky, named Sora, lives in the city of love. This must be why Sora has so much love to give and was able to teach her dad exactly how love works.

One day, the Parisian pup set eyes on a homeless man named Bruno. Bruno was living in a tent on the street near Sora’s home that she shares with her dad, Thibault.

Screenshot via YouTube

Sora’s dad admits that he, like many others, was biased when it came to the homeless community. He had formed his own opinion about Bruno without knowing his full story. He even told Sora to get away from Bruno and leave him alone. But once he saw Sora’s devotion to Bruno, and Bruno’s devotion to Sora, Thibault realized that Bruno was an amazing person.

Screenshot via YouTube

Thibault decided to share Sora and Bruno’s unique story on Tik Tok. He couldn’t believe the number of comments. One particular response made Thibault nervous… it was from the government and he assumed he did something wrong to draw attention to Bruno, who was not in Paris legally. What follows is straight out of a fairy tale. Don’t cheat yourself — see how the story ends in the video below! Paris really is the city of love!

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