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Dog Wears Down Strangers To Get Their Attention And Spread His Good Mood

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on October 2, 2023

Huxley, a lovable and attention-seeking dog from London, has been making people’s days brighter by offering his affection and companionship. This adorable canine has a unique way of getting people’s attention, and his owner is more than happy to share his love with others.


Huxley’s mom, who frequently travels with him, has noticed that her dog has a special way of saying “hi” to strangers. He starts by staring at them, and if they don’t respond, he’ll walk over and gently place his paw on them. This cute gesture is usually enough to win folks over, and they can’t help but give Huxley the attention he craves.

When Huxley is satisfied with the attention he’s receiving, he’ll often jump off his owner’s seat and sit next to the person he’s been interacting with. His owner believes that Huxley knows when people need his love and that his presence can make a significant difference in their day.


London is known for being a dog-friendly city, with dogs allowed on trains, subways, buses, and even some taxis. This makes it easy for Huxley’s owner to share his love with others, allowing them to benefit from his affectionate personality. Huxley is not shy about hogging attention from strangers.

His mom often travels, which means they visit many dog-friendly hotels. Upon entering a hotel, Huxley will often jump up onto the front desk to greet the staff, and his mom’s other pup, Hugo, will usually follow suit. In dog-friendly restaurants, Huxley can often be found on the table, seeking food and attention. If he doesn’t receive it, he’ll move on to a nearby table and turn on his puppy dog eyes to win over other diners.


Huxley’s mom believes that the reason he exhibits these attention-seeking behaviors is that she gives in to them, reinforcing the idea that they work. But she ensures us that Huxley is well-fed and has proper nutrition, and she would never let him approach someone if she sensed they were uncomfortable.

Huxley’s need for attention isn’t limited to strangers; he also constantly seeks affection from his mama and her son, Max. Whether Max is doing homework or watching TV, Huxley will be nearby, hoping for some attention. When someone stops petting Huxley, he’ll often let out a little grumble, indicating that he wants more affection. His mom loves his neediness. She believes that it’s a beautiful thing that he’s constantly spreading his happiness.

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