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In The News: Therapy Dogs Make Reading Fun for Kids

Written by: Clarisse Q
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| Published on June 15, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Costa Mesa, California, a remarkable program is changing the lives of young children, one page and one paw at a time. It’s called the K-9 Literacy Program, a thoughtful initiative by the volunteers at Orange County Animal Allies, aimed directly at addressing and alleviating the common childhood fear of reading aloud.

Initiated in 2002, this program doesn’t just help children practice reading; it helps them conquer their fears in a unique, supportive environment. Every week, elementary-aged children gather at the Mesa Verde Library, eager and sometimes a bit nervous, to participate in a reading session unlike any traditional classroom experience. The listeners? A group of gentle, attentive therapy dogs, each one trained to provide comfort and a calming presence.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

The library, usually a place of quiet study, transforms during these sessions. The air is filled with a mix of anticipation and the subtle sounds of soft whimpers and happy tails thumping against the floor. These therapy dogs, brought in by their volunteer handlers, aren’t just there to be petted—they’re there to listen.

Eight-year-old Ava, a regular attendee of the program, describes the experience with glowing enthusiasm. “You can go on forever and you can never stop reading and you are in this magical land of the storybook,” she says, highlighting the boundless adventure she finds in books when reading alongside her furry friends. Ava’s confidence in reading out loud has blossomed remarkably since joining the program. At home, she’s more reticent, keeping her reading to herself. But at the library, with dogs as her audience, she reads with vigor and excitement.

The science behind the program is as compelling as the stories it births. Research has shown that interacting with animals can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. For children, who may feel anxious about making mistakes or being judged, reading to a nonjudgmental, tail-wagging audience allows them to stumble through difficult words without fear, growing more fluent and self-assured with each session.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Parents too have noticed significant changes in their children. They report improvements not just in reading skills, but in overall demeanor and eagerness to participate in other activities. “She’s getting into more performing things whereas before she was a little bit shy,” one parent notes, illustrating the broad impact of the program.

The volunteers, each accompanied by their therapy dog, are the unsung heroes of this story. They see the direct effects of their efforts—children transforming from timid readers into enthusiastic storytellers, eager to share their newfound skills. These volunteers and their dogs work tirelessly, motivated by the smiles and laughter of children who leave the library with a new story to tell—not just the one from the book, but also their own story of overcoming fear and embracing confidence.

The K-9 Literacy Program in Orange County isn’t just about reading; it’s about creating a safe, supportive space where children can discover their voices and learn to express themselves with confidence. With every book opened and every word read, these kids are not just learning to read—they are learning to roar.

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