James Van Der Beek’s Family Welcomes Fifth Rescue Dog Into Their Pack

Actor and writer James Van Der Beek, who you may recognize from Dawson’s Creek or more recently Dancing with the Stars, and wife Kimberly are grateful for the opportunity to add another rescue pup to their family. Theo, their newest addition, is an adorable, three-year-old, purebred Siberian Husky who was found as a stray in Louisiana. 

Six weeks ago, Theo was saved by two incredible foster parents on what was scheduled to be his last day on earth. Kimberly Van Der Beek spotted him online and posted on her Instagram about the playful pup, urging her followers to consider adding him to their family. 

This is Ghost. He’s in LA. He’s absolutely glorious! Please somebody adopt him so that I don’t add a 5th dog to my family!!”

Theo arrives
Credit James Van Der Beek Instagram

But after a month of waiting for someone to adopt him, Theo never left their minds, and it became obvious that he was meant to be with the Van Der Beeks. The call was made that Theo had found his forever home. A few weeks later, Theo was driven halfway across the country by his loving foster parents who even stayed in Texas for a few days to help ease his transition.

Credit Kimberly Van Der Beek Instagram

Matt Beisner (CPDT-KA), the founder of THE ZEN DOG and star of the popular show DOG: IMPOSSIBLE, also played an important role in Theo’s transition. Beisner helped the whole family learn Theo’s specific cues and how he uniquely communicates with humans and other animals.

“We have been incredibly blessed to welcome Theo into our home. His foster parents @haileysani and @tabv saved his life and gave him so much love and we are so very grateful! And now having @thezendogla here to help us ease into this new union makes it all feel blessed and real. It’s a process that involves patience and love, and we’re here for it!”

Credit James Van Der Beek Instagram

Theo joins four other rescue dogs adopted by the Van Der Beeks, including two rescue puppies that they saved on the first day of their 10-day road trip as they relocated from Louisiana to Austin in October of last year. James shared on Instagram that their family was seeking a place with fewer outdoor restrictions and easier access to nature than they had in Beverly Hills when they picked up the two pups. Theo joins a Chihuahua mix named Rocky, a small black Mix named Skye, and two Pyrenees Husky mixes named Windsor and Able. Also excited by their newest addition are James and Kimberly’s five young children who range in age from 2 ½ to 10. 

Van Der Beek family and dogs
Credit James Van Der Beek Instagram

Siberian Huskies are a high-energy breed and require 1-2 hours of exercise every day. It’s idyllic for Theo to be adopted by a family with multiple dogs, and one who now resides on a multi-acre, riverside property where he can get plenty of playtime and exercise. He truly hit the jackpot!

Animal shelters often find themselves at capacity and are forced to take drastic measures to open spaces for new rescues. Fostering helps enable dogs like Theo to be saved from euthanasia and then matched with a perfect forever family.  

It’s obvious that these long-time animal lovers feel a deep bond with their rescue animals and that Theo will have a terrific life living in Texas with his new brothers and sisters. James Van Der Beek posted to Instagram:

“You remember a little while back when @vanderkimberly posted about a white Siberian husky, trying to get him adopted? Well… we have a husky now. Because five kids and FOUR dogs would’ve been too easy. Thank you to incredible humans @haileysani and @tabv who rescued him from a kill shelter in LA on what would have been his last day on Earth, fostering him, and then driving him halfway across the country… and thank you @thezendogla for helping us deepen our understanding of what it means to live in harmony with these sentient four-legged beings who are so wise… but speak a little different language than we do.”

Credit Kimberly Van Der Beek Instagram


H/T: People.com
Featured image: @vanderjames/Instagram

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