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Mom Whose Dog Nipped At Her Learns She’s Pregnant And Sends Him ‘Away’

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on September 21, 2023

When Jay, a rescue dog from Puerto Rico, was adopted by a loving family, they quickly realized that he had some behavioral issues. Jay was mischievous and became aggressive when he felt threatened, making day-to-day tasks difficult for his new family. However, with patience, training, and a little help from a professional, Jay underwent an incredible transformation to become a loving and protective member of his family.


Jay’s mischievous behavior often involved pulling on clothes and acting aggressively when he felt threatened. To manage these behaviors, the family had to resort to using a basket muzzle for tasks like bathing and nail trimming. Jay was also fearful of water, making bath time even more challenging.

When the family found out they were expecting a baby, they knew they had to do something about Jay’s behavior to ensure the safety of their new addition. They sought the help of a professional dog trainer and Jay was sent to Miami for an intensive six-week training program. The family affectionately referred to it as “summer camp.”


During his time at “summer camp,” Jay underwent a remarkable transformation. He went from being terrified of water to loving it, even voluntarily jumping into the pool. The training program helped Jay overcome his fears and become more comfortable in his environment.

After six weeks, Jay returned home, and while he wasn’t perfect, he was a world better than before. His family could see that he felt more comfortable and secure in his surroundings. Jay became particularly attached to his pregnant mom, following her around and protecting her belly.


A year later, Jay is like a whole new dog. He loves going on walks with his baby human sister and always checks in on her. The family is thrilled with Jay’s progress and grateful that he can now enjoy life without the stressors that once plagued him.

Jay’s transformation is nothing short of a miracle! We are so grateful that his family never gave up on him despite his aggressive behavior. This story is proof that there’s no such thing as a broken dog! Through training and persistence, Jay is the loving dog he was always meant to be.

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