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Jennifer Garner Reads Christmas Bedtime Story To Her Dog

Even though our dogs may not understand every word we say (and chances are, they comprehend more than they get credit for!), it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy getting a story read to them every now and again. They may not follow the entire plot line, but our pups love it when we talk sweetly to them and they can hear the love in our voices!

That’s why Jennifer Garner had the right idea when she cuddled up with her pup, Birdie, and read her a picture book! The gorgeous pooch certainly seems to enjoy snuggling in her mom’s lap — so much so, that she starts to fall asleep!

The way Ms. Garner talks to Birdie is adorable, and her sleepy reaction is absolutely precious! If you loved the video above, here’s another one for your enjoyment:

It just goes to show that stars are just like us: they adore their beloved pets, too!

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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