Jonah Hill Adopts Grateful Rescue Pit Bull Named Fig

Pit Bulls often wait the longest to find a loving family, and not all of them reach that happily ever after. So, whenever we see a story about a Pit Bull adoption, it warms our hearts. Fig the gray Pit Bull was one of the many lucky ones because she found the perfect dad for her.

Actor Jonah Hill adopted Fig at the start of 2021. He proudly announced his choice to adopt a dog on Instagram. In fact, he loves Fig so much that he’s encouraging his fans to adopt too. Fig probably had no idea she was going to be adopted by such an influential person!

Jonah Hill and Fig
Image: @jonahhill/Instagram

Best Friends Forever

3-year-old Fig’s previous family dropped her off at a crowded rural shelter just before the holidays. At first, she was terrified and confused. She kept clinging to the shelter staff, wondering when her humans were coming back. Love Leo Rescue in Los Angeles took her in and found her a foster home, where she was able to open up more.

Before long, Fig found her forever home. Hill happily took her in and gave her the love she deserves. She doesn’t know her dad is famous, and she doesn’t care. All that matters to her is that she has found her new best friend.

“Thank you so much @loveleorescue you gave me a massive gift and I appreciate you and the work you and your foster parent volunteers do,” Hill wrote on Instagram.

Fig the Rescue Pit Bull
Image: @jonahhill/Instagram

With his caption, Hill shared an adorable photo of him and Fig together and a sweet portrait of Fig by herself too. Love Leo Rescue also turned to their Instagram page to share the good news. They thanked Hill for choosing to adopt and included a lovely message wishing Fig the best on her new journey.

Fig’s Natural Beauty

Fig has only been a part of Hill’s life for a few days, but she’s already feeling at home. She even stole the hearts of Hill’s fans. About a day after her adoption, Hill posted a cute video of her on his Instagram story. In the video, he jokes that everyone keeps asking about Fig’s beauty routine, but he says she’s not comfortable sharing her secrets. Then, he turns the camera to show the pup’s beautiful face. As usual, Fig looks as gorgeous as a model.

“Fig is home! Thank you @jonahhill for choosing to #adoptnotshop. All the cool kids are doing it!! This beautiful, extra cuddly, three-year-old pitbull was abandoned at a rural shelter during the holiday season. We are so happy she landed where she did. Clearly it’s a love connection,” Love Leo Rescue wrote.

Jonah Hill Hugging Fig
Image: @loveleorescue/Instagram

Poor Fig had to spend Christmas wondering if she’d ever find a family again, but now, she’s living a life of luxury with her new best friend. Maybe one day she’ll share her beauty secrets with the world, but for now, we’ll just look forward to Hill’s adorable posts about her.

Thank you to everyone who has given Pit Bulls like Fig a second chance at life.

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Featured Image: @loveleorescue/Instagram

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