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They Saw Past Her Scars To The Beautiful Soul Within, And Cut The Chain

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on September 29, 2023

Kala, a dog from Costa Rica, had a life filled with misery and pain due to an abusive owner who subjected her to unspeakable horrors. She was chained so tightly that she couldn’t even lower her head to eat. She was so skinny that her ribs showed. Kala’s world was one of constant suffering. Concerned neighbors eventually reported the abuse to authorities, who intervened and took Kala away from her tormentor.


When Kala arrived at the shelter, she was in a pitiable state, weakened by malnutrition and neglect. She was immobilized for so long that her bones and muscles no longer worked properly and she couldn’t stand nor walk. The shelter staff worked tirelessly to rehabilitate her, teaching her to trust humans once more. As her body grew stronger, a faint glimmer of happiness returned to her eyes.


However, tragedy struck when horrible people broke into the shelter and poisoned Kala and 15 other dogs. While the dogs were extremely ill and shelter staff had to work around the clock to save them, ALL the dogs pulled through. Kala had suffered another heartbreaking incident but her strength and strong will got her through. The dog’s tenacity is a testament to her resilient spirit.


Finally, Kala found her forever home with a loving family who saw past her scars and recognized the beautiful soul within. Kala’s transformation from a broken, abused dog to a smiling, cheerful companion was nothing short of miraculous. Her infectious smile speaks volumes! While her past was tragic, Kala went on to live a beautiful life. Many shelter residents come from abusive backgrounds. Let’s do our part and share stories like Kala’s so the world understands that there’s no such thing as a broken dog!

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