Kaley Cuoco Fosters Senior Dog During COVID Quarantine

Actress Kaley Cuoco has always been a huge animal lover. She has many rescue dogs of her own, and she often encourages her fans to adopt and foster, especially during this coronavirus quarantine. Sadly, dogs need help more than ever right now.

Cuoco knew that she had to do more than just encourage others to help out. So, she decided to foster a dog during her quarantine. She gave a sweet senior Chihuahua a safe place to stay during all the chaos, and she hopes others will do the same.

Meet Dumpy!

Cuoco’s foster dog is a 10-year-old Chihuahua named Dumptruck, Dumpy for short. Dumpy recently arrived at A Purposeful Rescue. When Cuoco expressed interest in fostering him, the staff at the rescue brought him directly to her house. 

Image: A Purposeful Rescue Facebook

Cuoco posted a story on her Instagram to introduce Dumpy to her fans. In the video, the sweet little dog is curled up in a towel after getting a nice bath.

“All he wants to do is be loved and be kissed on. This guy is amazing. I’ll get to know him over the next few days,” said Cuoco. “He’s just a senior old man sweetheart who just wants to chill on the couch and lick your hand.”

Cuoco strongly believes that senior dogs don’t deserve to be in shelters. It’s not okay for them to have to live out their final days without a home. So, Cuoco encourages her fans to adopt Dumpy, and of course, to always adopt other dogs in need too. 

Image: Screenshot, thesun.co.uk

“He just wants a place to live out his old man days,” said Cuoco.

Help Find Dumpy a Home!

Cuoco wants to make sure Dumpy goes to the best home possible. In fact, she’s willing to help Dumpy’s new family get started with his expenses. 

She’s willing to give his adopters $300 to use for all the senior pup’s basic needs. She hopes that will help encourage people to adopt this sweet senior dog. Also, she wants to show everyone how amazing older dogs can be.

Image: A Purposeful Rescue Facebook

So far, Dumpy has been very sweet and loving. He’s gotten along well with all of Cuoco’s dogs, both big and small. However, she hasn’t had Dumpy with her for long, so she still has a lot to learn about him. She will share more about him on her social media as she gets to know him better.

Of course, adopting and fostering are always essential for dogs in need, but now it’s more crucial than ever. Shelters and rescues are struggling to care for all their dogs, and no dog should have to sit in a kennel for the entire quarantine. 

If you are unable to adopt more dogs, always consider fostering if you’re able. Sweet rescue dogs like Dumpy could be the perfect quarantine companions!

Image: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

H/T: thesun.co.uk
Featured Image: A Purposeful Rescue Facebook

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